Makia which was once just a concept in the minds of co-owners Nicola Vogel and Talia Savva who grew up in Port Elizabeth, is now home to couture jewellery. As the first online jewellery boutique, the store aims to serve as a platform for local jewellery designers to showcase their talent both locally and internationally. Jewellery pieces are handmade, distinctive and affordable.
Through their vision and passion for fashion, photography, designing, and jewellery both Nicola and Talia have managed to make the now exclusively online store grow in just three years. “Talia and I have different focus qualities which have proven to complement each other hugely. I seem to be more reserved in business and Talia has been more ambitious, I think that is why and how Makia has got to the stage where we are ready to take SA by storm, and we are 100% ready to do it” says Nicola.

Well, we are ready to support and endorse all that Makia has in store. From hats, bracelets, neckpieces and so much more, Makia is abreast with the trends and is truly a fashion heaven.

“Not only does Makia have a number of novel services and aspirations, it is also created by two very interesting people, who have a strong clear vision and passion and are turning it into a tangible business and in doing so, helping other South African entrepreneurs in their industry do the same” says Talia.

The support that these two young women have towards building other entrepreneurs is seen in their inclusion of other designers’ collection within their store. The different designers that have been featured in Makia include BottcherMorell, Cailin Els, Duncan Stevens, Maryse Castel and Tiffany Marx.

  As individual as the Makia jewellery pieces are, so too are the pieces from the different collectors. The BottcherMorell range which is inspired by the natural environment offers a collection made of the finest stones and pebbles from the Hole in the Wall on the Transkei Coast which are encrusted with diamonds and complimented with sterling silver.

The Cailin Els collection presents glamorous pieces that can be enjoyed by its consumers. The collection is characterised by gemstones, granulation detail and simple silhouette techniques.

Duncan Stevens’ collection is bold and creative and communicates pure craftsmanship. It is about unique jewellery.

Maryse Castel is inspired by both Victorian and contemporary styles. Her Pod Collection was inspired from the doming of a circle then squashing it to work with whatever shape created. What makes her collection distinct is its simplicity.

Tiffany Marx’s Abstract Range is about clean, simple shapes for a modern look. The range celebrates the repetition of form that can still be wearable.

Nicola and Talia seem quite positive about the future of couture jewellery in South Africa as they both share the following sentiment: “South Africa is growing leaps and bounds in its appreciation of couture fashion. We want to broaden this limelight to include couture jewellery. We aim to bring real, handmade and personally designed jewellery to the real person and inspire an appreciation of unique and classic design”.

To get hold of any of the fantastic Makia products or collections from the designers, visit Some of the Makia products can be found at selected Moyo stores nationwide.

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