Is White Out? New Wedding Dress Trends for 2012

As runway shows come to an end for 2012 bridal lines, it is interesting to see how history does repeat itself, even in the wedding industry. The history behind wedding gowns is deep and complex, whether from a religious point of view or a fashion point of view, wedding gowns have gone through numerous transformations. Today as we see colored wedding dresses takeover the runways, it is interesting to look back at the history of wedding gowns and see that colored dresses were once the popular choice.

Brides married during or after the Middle Ages often wore wedding gowns in various colors to signify their family’s social class. Brides from wealthy families often wore very rich colors, fabrics and furs. Over the centuries brides have continued to dress in gowns to represent their social status through following the latest fashion trends. While today the majority of Western wedding dresses are in white or ivory this trend, aside from religious beliefs, did not start gaining popularity until about the 1840’s.

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