If you are in the construction industry it is important that you have all the necessary tools for carrying out all the different tasks. Often companies prefer not to buy tools for their construction projects. Instead, they choose to hire tools because it is costly to purchase them, especially if you do not need them in the future. You can rent any tools or equipment you need from the tool hire companies in Cape Town.

Some of the most common tools available for hire are:


Every construction or building site requires a lot of soil digging work before starting with the construction work so that the ground is even. At the same time, trash and rocks are removed from the site. To do this, you need various types of shovels. There are picks for piercing, penetrating and breaking the clay and ground. Stone shovels are used to cut into stones. A sand shovel is required to dig into sand and move it in bigger volumes. You may also need to hire a spade to mix, move and load mixture across the site.


Heavy materials and objects can be carried and moved around the construction site easily with the help of a wheelbarrow. Things that are difficult or impossible to carry manually is made easier with the help of a heavy-duty builder’s wheelbarrow. Apart from building sites, they can also be used in DIY projects and gardens. However, you need to be concerned about your safety while using wheelbarrows. These are the safety gears that you need to rent from tool hire companies –

  • Safety footwear.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Safety helmets.

Wire tie tool

With the wire tie tool, you do not have to deal with twisting the wire tie with pliers anymore. This tool has a rubber grip and it can automatically twist the wire tie with one pull. You need to hire safety wear for using this tool as well, such as

  • Eye protection
  • Protective gloves.

Plaster straight edge

Plaster straight edge is a lightweight tool that is easy to use. Used as a general construction straight edge, it can do many things including cement render screening, ruling and tiling. With the help of this tool, you can ensure flat, accurate and straight surfaces in your building. Use plaster straight edge with protective wear, such as–

  • Safety footwear
  • Protective gloves
  • Safety helmets.

Nail gun

The nail gun is a very important tool for any building site. It is used to drive threaded studs and nails into steel and concrete. Using this tool is easy and safe because it works on the piston principle. You are provided with a faster and more cost-effective fastening of nails when using nail guns as the cartridges are transported into it automatically.

For the sake of quality and safety, make sure to rent your required building tools and equipment from the renowned tool hire companies in Cape Town.

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