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Superdry-Summertime Madness

The lifestyle of a “Superdryian” is a style of living that reflects an attitude of “living life to the fullest and looking good whilst doing so”.  They practice freedom of speech, holiday is a must, friends are my everything, adventure we like, casual is good -leather and jeans even better. We work hard, play hard and never stop the action…..Trendsetters we are and this is how…


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Summer Denim Days

G-Star Raw

Denim is a staple in every closet; I certainly can’t live without mine and I particularly love pairing mine in summer with a fabulous ultra-feminine chic chemise.  This quote from the infamous Yves Saint-Laurent sums the use of denim up for me: “I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most…


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Scotch & Soda @ Infinite 60

As a child our family had a dog named Whiskey and a Siamese cat called Soda so imagine the liking I took to the brand called “Scotch & Soda” when I was first introduced to it late November 2010. My father is Scottish so I could understand his love for the mixed drink; whiskey and soda but to my surprise the original designer of the label is Dutch, from Amsterdam more…


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Neon Flare

They say that every aspect of fashion repeats itself and this season brings us 80’s inspired fashion with techno bursts of colour with a tailored twist.  Bright neon colours are all over the runway and in some of our most trendy stores.  Superdry has the casual-neon-chic look down to a T with bursts of colour making you feel like a kid in a candy store. …


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The Best Is Yet To Come-Infinite 60

With it being SA’s “silly sale season”, we have oodles to look forward to when traipsing around our trending stores.  Infinite 60 is a destination store which remains on top of our list of stores to 1stvisit.  They’re currently running amazing specials on many of your favourite designer labels including Scotch and Soda, G-Star, Replay and…


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Winter Warmers at Infinite 60

Winter is creeping up on us; the Days are getting shorter and the weather, colder — This is a good excuse to update your Winter Wardrobe with our Winter Warming Fashion...



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New Winter Range Has Just Been Unpacked @Infinite60

New stock has been unpacked at the Infinite60Stores: 

Some of our Favourite Items are:

Scotch and Soda (Men):…


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Scotch & Soda

Born from the streets of Amsterdam, Scotch & Soda has now made its way to SA and is available at Infinite 60 in the Morningside Mall and Melrose Arch, Johannesburg.


The Autumn/Winter 2012 Range is now in stores, including high quality items, designed with love and with great focus on the small details that Maison Scotch is known…


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Infinite 60 - Hudson Shoes



'Instant love' would be the way to describe our reaction when we first saw these beautiful specimens of footwear called Hudson.  You can check out the range at…


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Superdry- Lookbook

Everything that you have heard about the Superdry range is absolutely true. From vintage inspired dresses, cotton tees and bomber jackets; get the look you want this summer from their spring/summer collection. Yes, experience the Superdry range which is exclusive to our Infinite 60 stores. We specialise in…


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