Mica is one of the most important non-metallic minerals, MICA is also a unique performance, widely used, high value industrial minerals. The production of Mica is about 250,000 t in the world, India, the United States, South Africa, Brazil, Madagascar, Canada, and Argentina and Russia are the main production countries. India is a Muscovite's most important resource, followed by Brazil, Madagascar, Argentina and Russia.

Phlogopite is mainly produced in Canada, Russia and Argentina. Our MICA is rich and they are throughout the country. The annual production is about 30,000 t, which is widely used in building materials industries, fire industry, fire extinguishing agent, welding electrodes, plastic, wire insulation, paper, tar paper, rubber, Pearlescent pigments and other chemical industries. Ultra-fine MICA powder for plastics, coatings, paints, rubber and other functional fillers can increase its mechanical strength, enhanced toughness, adhesion anti-aging and corrosion resistant.

The main application of sericite powder of exterior wall coatings is to improve permeability resistance of paint film. Flake fillers form a parallel alignment in the film, water and other corrosive substances on film penetrated has strong barrier, permeability resistance increased 3 times, then anti-corrosion Coatings, exterior wall paints and related coatings performance improved significantly.

Sericite powders are important to anticorrosion coatings. As to outdoor coatings and exterior wall coatings, rain and UV damage should take into consideration. The infiltration of rain water will reduce the intensity of the film and accelerate aging, also it forms the porous structure within the paint film after frozen, the acid dissolves fillers (such as calcium carbonate), these problems have to be solved by adding MICA powder. MICA absorb UV light, high cover and shielding, so it can further delay the aging of coating. In addition, flaky filling has an enhanced role on film.

The insulation properties of improve coatings is one of application of sericite powder, this MICA powder should not contain conductive impurities such as free iron oxide. Infrared radiation is one of MICA functions, good high temperature resistance (available at 800-1200 work properly), so the infrared heating element and coating for high temperature equipment often need MICA powder as filler.

Conductive MICA powder is a new conductive filler of conductive paint. It is made by the flaky structure of natural MICA powder as base material in its surface package covered a layer or several layer chemical performance stable, strong resistance corrosion and high conductivity rate of conductive material. It is widely applied to anti-electrostatic paint, electromagnetic shield paint, antistatic industrial floor, explosion-proof buildings antistatic facilities, anti-electrostatic paint, anti-electrostatic latex paint, PVC anti-electrostatic floor, ring oxygen artesian flat anti-electrostatic paint, etc. If you have interest to okchem, please visit our homepage here!

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