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Do you like the Range Rover? The “big boy”; the one that is enormously regal, and enormous! Wish you could own one, but its starting price of R1 900 000.00 gives you nose bleeds at the thought of the monthly repayments? 


Don’t fret - there is a same-same but different option at almost half the price.


Have I got you excited? If so, you are going to love the new Land Rover Discovery 5. Its much-loved predecessor strolled our roads for the last 14 years. Its boxy statue created a cult amongst those with large families and a penchant for adventure. 27 years after the launch of the 1st Discovery, we now have the 5.

Oh, and let’s not forget that its starting price is almost half that of its bigger brother - R947 500. 


Lighter on the pocket and 480 kg lighter on the scale. Its new look frame is almost as curvaceous as Salma Hayek. So, you know what that means - the Discovery 5 waves goodbye to its old iconic frame and embraces its new family DNA without forgetting some old-school touches. These include a stepped roofline and an asymmetric rear end.

Less SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) and more highly practical 4X4, the Discovery has been designed, engineered and built to do just that - discover. The Discovery is the most capable leisure vehicle money can buy. Its asymmetrical back window throws an obvious clue at its hill climbing abilities with its iconic sloped rear windscreen. Astonishingly, the Discovery 5 is capable of towing 3,500kg. 


Nothing touches this car’s practically. There is genuinely seating for 7 adults. Yes, 7 fully grown 6” tall ones. Should you want to convert the seating layout into boot space, the Discovery features easy to use switchgear in the boot. At the touch of a button (or through an app), all second and third-row seating recline; folding to reveal a massive flat load bay of up to 2,500 litres.

Inside the cabin, of many storage compartments – secret ones and refrigerated ones, you’ll find a plethora. Higher-end models feature a 10” high-definition Touchscreen display. It’s easy and engaging to use; including ‘Plug and Play’ using the USB ports, which act as additional storage for movies and music. Charging points for multiple devices - up to nine USB ports, six 12-volt charging points and an in-car 3G Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices.

A highlight of driving a Discovery 5 is its ride height - almost 30 cm of it, which means Land Rovers “Command Driving Position” makes you feel like the King of Castle with views for days as you sit 82cm off the road. That is 10cm more than its rivals. If wading through rivers is your idea of fun, you have a 90cm allowance to panel away without choking the engine and exhaust system.


On the road, its air suspension makes for a floaty ride. Wafting from destination points makes for a relaxing experience. Mated to a glorious 3.0-L V6 turbo diesel motor and the best in the business – 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox, 0-100km darts happen in around 8.2 seconds. Daily drives within the city elevate fuel consumption figures to above 14l/100km. Hit the open road and 9.5l/100km is more reasonable.

Is the Discovery 5 the best car in its class? That is a loaded question in need for greater dissection. It’s the best choice for families who enjoy travelling above and beyond.


Plus +

Highly capable.

Large seating capacity.


Regal seating height.


Minus - 



The competition 

AUDI Q7, BMW X5, Volvo XC90, Jeep Cherokee, Lexus RX, Mercedes GLE, Porsche Cayenne and Toyota Land Cruiser Prada. 


The price lists


Discovery Si4 S R947, 400

Discovery Si4 SE R1,088,200

Discovery Si4 HSE R1,207,400

Discovery Si4 HSE Luxury R1,298,400


Discovery Si6 S R1,025,000

Discovery Si6 SE R1,139,500

Discovery Si6 HSE R1,257,200

Discovery Si6 HSE Luxury R1,348,250



Discovery TD6 S R986,500

Discovery TD6 SE R1,122,000

Discovery TD6 HSE R1,239,700

Discovery TD6 HSE Luxury R1,330,700


Service and warranty 

Recommended Retail Prices are subject to change without notice, exclude CO2 tax, and include a 5 year/100,000km Maintenance Plan and Roadside Assistance (excluding Defender with a standard 3 year/100,000km warranty)


My choice 

Discovery TD6 SE R1,122,000


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