Bring sexy back - Mercedes Benz launches their Estate C Class

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I get that the world is changing. Change is a good thing. It means we progress and with progression comes advancement. In theory this would suggest improvement and greater choices.

The problem comes when we reach a point of saturation. Too much choice, too much competition; and what is created is a lack of loyalty. Creativity is lost in a frenzied race to feed customers’ insatiable appetites for what’s new and in the now.

Stop! Take a breath and think for a moment. Yes, new things are cool but sometimes there is no point in reinventing the wheel, especially if it works.

Take for example the concept of a family car. An estate that is capable of carrying a family of four or five to and from school, transporting a month’s worth of groceries- including tinned doggie chow and mutton flavoured pooch pellets for the Great Dane. A car that is as adaptable as a box filled with Lego- the configurable options are almost limitless. A car that understands that having a family and all that comes with it is expensive, so it is light on fuel and more than a pleasure to drive. It makes you feel welcome, while being your greatest guardian- safety being its top priority.

That’s right, an old school estate. A wheel that works, with no need for reinvention. Though, saying that, it does come directly from the newly reengineered and highly competent C Class. The Estate is identical to its sedan sibling, only with a sexy styled rear hatch. This new end, which is arguably better looking than the one on the C Class sedan, makes the car a tad longer- adding to the overall design aesthetic of the car.

Having driven the Estate at its launch from Johannesburg to the artistic haven, Clarens; and meandered through Golden Gate during heavy rain fall, it was clear to feel its dynamic integrity and idealist creation for families. Being mated to a slick shifting 7-speed automatic gearbox, all of the three models available: C180, C200 (both turbocharged petrol engines) or the flagship turbo diesel C250 Bluetech variation offer a sporting feel. The controls: steering wheel, brake pedal and accelerator are all perfectly weighted, offering perfected driver feedback. The Estate acts and feels like a luxury car. Quality is tangibly tactile for all five senses.

The Estate competes directly with the Volvo V60 Estate and Audi’s Allroad A4 Avant. Indirectly it competes with a convoy of SUV’s and a smattering of MPV’s. Yes, these SUV’s are all the rage- those looking for trendy transport which are in vogue will be lost for choice. But if you are a traditionalist- a person who is less interested in trends and fashion, but rather into good old fashioned values, the C Class Estate is the leader within its pack.

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