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Audi Sport recently added three new cars to their artillery. The three new mind-blowing vehicles in question are the RS 5 (Coupé, and later the Sportback), the TT RS Coupé and the RS 3 Sportback, which joins the already launched Sedan. 


The Audi Sport product range, labelled RS, are the ultimate in sporting prowess from the Ingolstadt carmaker and direct competition to Mercedes-AMG and BMW M products. Now more than ever, Audi is taking the RS product very seriously. And after driving these new models, I was left gobsmacked.


Yes, you can compare them to their German brethren. But I’m a lover, not a fighter. Instead, I’d prefer to soak in Audi’s Vorsprung Durch Technik, or translated, “progress through technology”, relishing in delight of what Audi Sport has created.


The RS range offers a beautiful symbiotic relationship - the combination of luxury car and a high-performance supercar are merged into one; two concepts that exist at opposite poles with one another, yet with the RS range, the standard Audi refinements and luxury appoints have been elevated further. More notably, is the range’s astonishing performance.


While at the launch of the three new RS cars, I was left with the feeling that the Audi RS products aren’t merely a range of cars. These new RS models were born on the track - built for the road. They are extraordinary. Outstanding and mind-blowing. I could carry on. 

Here are some of the details - the range has new engines. The TT RS and RS 3 share a new 2.5-L turbocharged 5-cylinder motor. This engine, although new and improved, has in the past won the Engine of the Year - seven years consecutively. Now 17% more powerful and 26 kg lighter, the gorgeous sounding five pot motor scoops up a whopping dollop of power at 294 kW/480 Nm. Impressive to say the least. This beaut of a motor, combined with the TT’s all aluminium lightweight body, will get you hitting the 100 km/h in a supercar time of 3.7 seconds. That is bloody astonishing. 


The TT also introduces a first in-terms of lighting. Audi prides themselves on advanced lighting. Now there is Matrix OLED technology (organic light emitting diode) that are used in the rear lighting cluster as an option. The OLED light does not cast any harsh shadows and does not require any reflectors. They are very easily adapted to any design. Expect some playful designs in the future.

The RS 3 model shares the same engine and lightning quick 7-speed S tronic gearbox. Due to its weight deficit over the TT, its 100 km/h mark arrives 0.4 seconds later, at 4.1 seconds. On the road, it’s almost unnoticed. In my option, the RS 3 Sportback and Sedan are now the current compact sports products on the market. Bang for buck - they are sublime. 


The third new RS model, also launched last week, is the RS 5, initially in Coupé format with the Sportback to follow. This gorgeous display of machinery is both menacingly muscular and dashingly handsome. Underneath its lightweight hood lies a 2.9-L V6 bi-turbo, capable of lashing out 331 kW/600 Nm. This Porsche Panamera shared engine will get the mid-weight muscle car to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. An extraordinary amount of power, thankfully laid down on the asphalt via Audi’s claw gripping all-wheel-drive system, quattro. The quattro system is standard on all RS models. 

All RS models come standard with an extensive list of features. Up-to-date, each vehicle lives up to its RS nameplate. Fine Nappa leather - sewn in a honeycomb fashion - Virtual Cockpit, ear-popping sound system, infotainment - loaded with a host of driver mod cons. The list goes on. 


The best feature of all RS models is their ability to switch from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde – calm yet strong and then brutally quick and agile.

If your heart desires one of these or other RS models, you’ll find them in 13 dedicated Audi Sport dealers. Each of which has two specially trained retail specialists at the customer's disposal. 


Pricing is impressive by comparison to their relative rivals: 


RS 3 Sportback R895 500

TT RS Coupé R963 000

RS 5 Coupé R1 285 500


The Audi RS range comes standard with a five year/100 000km Audi Freeway Plan and inclusive of all taxes.



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