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Choose Foods That Slow Down Aging

There is so much talk of eating right to live longer and to look better for longer that it is easy to feel we should all be doing something more profound than getting a well-balanced diet.

But it seems that the right food may be all that it takes to give our bodies the best chance at fending off heart disease, some cancers, cataracts, osteoporosis and perhaps even some age-related memory drains.

Research is turning up that day-to-day choices like wholegrain cereals and fruit at…


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Obesity and Cardiac Diet

Obesity only occurs when the food eaten has a high calorie value compared to the amount of fiber it contains. Calories do count. They are the measure of energy that the food contains.

With food that is highly processed, the bulk of fiber is removed. This applies mostly to the carbohydrates or starches and these foods become concentrated. The villain is sugar. It is added to so many foods.…


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How to Relax and Not Worry So Much

If you become a really expert relaxer your nervousness and worries will vanish. You will have a new lease of life. Just let go your muscles, and your mind will let go of you.

This means relaxing all muscles: legs, arms, back, stomach, chest, fingers, jaws, nostrils, eyes, tongue, throat, vocal chords … every muscle, from the top of your head to your toes.

It isn't easy. So don't get discouraged if you don't feel much better the first day or the first week. Turning…


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How to Look Pretty with Eye Makeup

How to improve the shape of your eyebrows; choose the right makeup for your skin type; color-tone it to your hair and eyes; camouflage any imperfections - plus a step-by-step basic eye makeup plan you can do in a jiffy.


Your eyebrows play a major role in the expression of your face. Getting them exactly the right width and contour is the first step in an eye makeup make-over. Don't make the mistake of removing - instead of improving - your…


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