Adding Photos


Adding Photos is really easy. All you need to do is click on 'photos' on the top navigation bar.Once the photos page opens click 'ADD" on top right. 


You have a few choices

1 - 'choose file' will allow you to add a single photo from your computer.

2 - 'flickr' allows you to upload photos from your flickr account.

3 - 'add photos by phone or email'. there is a personalised address especially for you to share your mobile photos on neofundi. Simply email to the address provided.

Once your photo is uploaded remember to give it a title, description and make sure you tag your photo.

Remember to tag your photo. This is a great way for members to find your photo through keywords.

How do I tag my post ? Separate all key words with a comma, if a double word the use inverted commas. example Tags   fashion,photo,"neofundi news",web

Once tagged your 4 key words listed will be as follows:



neofundi news


always remember to click 'save'.


Create an album for your photos

Click on 'photos' on top navigation bar. Then click 'my albums", when page opens click 'ADD'.

Drag the photos accross to where it says 'Drag Your Photos Here', once you have selected all photos you want click 'Save'.

To create a cover page for your album drag the pic of your choice to the squared block next to album title. On example above it is the block next to red shoe.

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