Origin of name:

neo: new, original, fresh. (from the Greek neo - new, young).
fundi: expert or guru. (from the Nguni umfundisi - teacher or preacher).

neofundi is a universal access point to, and spotlight on, the newest trends in fashion, leisure, design, entertainment and mod-living.

Driven by its members’ interests and insights, neofundi provides a platform for a community of fellow-fundis to interact with each other and their world -
whatever their world embodies; and whether those fundis are people, groups or brands.

From brilliant blogs to lively links and personalised content, neofundi exists to give personal experience, insight and expertise its individual voice within ever-changing current conditions.

Ultimately, neofundi’s first role is as platform-provider for its members’ voice -
and then as content aggregator, who disseminates through the many voices and finds common threads that many would be interested in hearing - featuring the finest
content on the site’s common spaces.

Beyond social network or online community, neofundi takes the notion of “likeminded” and gives it its own online frequency for everyone on the same
wavelength to tune into - but with the freedom to custom - create their site-interaction.
Whether you’re a person with thoughts or content you enjoy to share, a brand, a group, a million-follower celebrity, or someone with something to say,
neofundi not only gives you the platform, but the freedom to sculpt it as you like.

neofundi brings members, bloggers, groups and brands together and gets them talking. We scout the net to bring you the latest in trends, news and entertainment. We are all about hearing the world.  


Note: All content on neofundi (especially the blog section) is carefully curated and edited. We reserve the right to delete any content that we feel is not appropriate for this site. In order to keep the integrity high, we also have a zero tolerance policy for spammers.


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