I need to settle this debate once and for all. My daughter is a chuckles fan, she is what I would call a Woolworths generation kid. I on the other hand, have always associated any malt puff with Whispers. Can't watch a movie without them.

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Chuckles all the way!!

Whispers for me..

"If you want to capture someone's attention. Whisper!" 

Whispers are the original and chuckles are the spin off. Whispers are softer and chuckles are firmer.

It will have to be Whispers for me:)

To answer this question you have to, eat a whole bag of whispers and a whole bag of chuckles......then you will see that you can eat more chuckles and no more whispers........CHUCKLES 

I am loving this:) I bet you would find that all those under 35 vote for chuckles and over vote for Whispers.

Chuckles!! @Beth, seeing as I went for the under 35 option, feel free to draw conclusions as to my age:)

@Mask - should have known :)

It's settled:)

Definitely Chuckles :)

@Shaamila- better than both? 


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