What happened to dressing as an expression of who you are? I went to a party last night and was amazed to see that all the women were dressed alike. It almost as a memo went out to say the dress codes is: leather pants, stiletto boots and loose slightly sheer top. Accessorize with: scarf tied around the neck sideways and a tan leather jacket. Carry car keys, cell and lip gloss in small louis Vuitton or Gucci messenger bag. Viola! An army is created! All have straight hair, heavy eye make up and can't really stand in their shoes. So i ask, Is there a cloning culture on the rise or did I just not get the memo?

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Sounds like u were backstage at a fashion show collection..Seriously I think most people like to wear what everyone else does so they can feel part of a tribe, but also magazines have pounded this fashion trend on us everywhere and we get influenced big time.

I suppose it is all about belonging- we look the same we feel the same. Safer this way

Maslow's hierachy of needs they say :)

i say let them wear high heels, let us wear flats......and by the end of the night, we will be the last ones standing.....ha ha for happy

I completely agree. Although fashion is evolving and continuing to impress and excite, people have become weary to experiment with their own individual style. I am appaled when I go out and see girls dressed the same, we as consumers and innovators have such unlimited choices when it comes to clothing and fashion. The list of trendy stores are endless, and online shopping is allowing us to reach overseas trends mich quicker than before. So why then do individuals choose to be followers rather tha embrace who they are. I personally feel that the media and celebs have played a huge part in debating and deliberating what is socially "acceptable" and what is not, adn this has filtered down into the mainstream - forcing people think that looking the same as their fav celeb is the only way forward. I wish this wasn't the case. Being a SA designer and blogger, I am so sad to see people be the "same" - We are unique, I wish our uniqueness would be embraced and celebrated rather than "cloned" as you say from others.


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