Trending Lead Generation Ideas Worth Trying

Lead generation is all about creating a balance between convincing and converting a relevant audience into your potential customers. In the previous decade, marketing has become a must-have skill for every business that aims to move things quickly. Most marketers are asked to secure more leads for their clients using various tactics so that they can keep getting customers and profit through sales. Experts know that lead generation trends are dynamic in nature as some of them fail miserably when the idea doesn’t catch on. In the end, it gets difficult to pick up the best trends for lead generation and incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

For this reason, we have come up with a list of top lead generation trends in the following. If you have researched trending lead generation tactics, then you must be tired of hearing that this is the year of VR, chatbots, and voice search. But the reality is that there is so much more to lead generation strategies than the 3 trends. The trends we have mentioned below in hopes of helping readers and marketing enthusiasts alike are known to work.

So, let’s proceed to grab the attention of your prospects and convert them into solid leads using top lead generation trends.

  • The use of hyper-personalisation

In an attempt to drive customer experience, hyper-personalisation has become a lead generation technique, especially in the B2C marketing space. For a brand that has been consumer-focused for a long time, hyper-personalisation could prove to be an unknown territory. Your objective for using a hyper-personalisation strategy for lead generation should be to improve the customer experience by understanding them, which Spotify has done brilliantly.

  • Account-based marketing, or ABM

ABM has become the new norm for B2B brands around the globe who wish to improve how they identify their target customer profiles. ABM is a smart strategy requiring both sales and marketing teams to collaborate and use personalised buying experiences for high-value accounts. Recently, many have shown an interest in the ABM strategy and are using it as a growth tactic to eventually scale businesses.

  • Putting up featured snippets for SEO

Google’s norms for organic search have transformed completely by now as the world’s largest search engine started placing ads in the SERPs instead of organic links. Nowadays, featured snippets are winning the war of SEO for marketers who take lead generation seriously. According to Moz, such snippets display up to 23% of all searches, which is a consistent increase of over 165% since 2016.

  • Expanding customer lifetime value

Lead generation can be easily misunderstood by individuals who end up prioritising attracting new potential customers only. Successful marketers help businesses to break out of a linear sales funnel that ends as soon as a prospect is onboarded as a customer. By enhancing the customer lifetime value, one can create a cyclical customer journey that gives brands loyal and repeat customers.


Various lead generation trends matter at the moment, but the aforementioned ones are considered the crème de la crème by experts.

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