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Let me begin by saying that this is the best Lexus I’ve driven up to date.

Recently, I drove NX 200t SUV from Lexus, which gets a thumbs up from me but the RC is even better in my opinion.

It’s a coupe, featuring its own bespoke chassis which was purposefully built by Lexus. Albeit, the RC is a hybrid of other Lexus products. It borrows its front end from the GS, giving it stiffness, its mid-section is from the IS C (convertible), providing rigidity, while the rear is from the IS, endowing the RC with a sporting rear wheel drive dynamic and finally, just a smidge of the Lexus LFA supercar that can be seen in the RC’s spectacular looks.

Lexus’s new coupe has been created and designed to compete against the likes of Audi’s A5 coupe and BMW’s 4-Series. The RC, though similar in concept to its German rivals – luxurious sports coupes, is unique in its manifestation and overtly Lexus in its demeanour. Lexus, like other brands obviously design and engineer their cars for their customers – asking what their customers like- and therefore create a product specifically tailored for them. All Lexus products are renowned for being: quiet, supple, luxurious, modern, unique looking and featuring a host of fancy electronics as part of the standard package.

The RC F-Sport is no different - menacing to look at. Glance quickly and your eye automatically looks back for further study. Its lines are bold; looking like nothing else. Driving the RC is a sublime experience – solid and purposeful all while doing so in absolute silence. The RC’s chassis is its backbone and it feels like concrete – solid as rock. Its suspension strikes the perfect balance between being luxuriously comfortable and sporting - with an agile nature. The use of advancement, like state-of-the-art multi-LED headlamps, tail lamps and fog lamps, as well as LED daytime running lamps (DRLs) for optimal vision and minimal power usage add to the RC’s dynamic nature. What’s impressive about the Lexus RC is its Aladdin’s cave of bells and whistles that come as a standard, adding a feeling of value to the cars overall package.

The RC is driven by a 3.5l V6 engine and mated to a slick shifting 8-speed automatic gearbox. Offering 233kW which means hitting 0 to 100km/h in the mid six second mark. Priced at R730 900 which includes a four-year / 100 000km Lexus Distance Plan, complete full maintenance plan and features a four-year / 100 000km warranty.



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