Having blogged intermittently about the 2012 Grahamstown National Arts Festival; and written bits and bobs for the last year about SunshiP - the band I drum in - finally I have something to show my friends in Jozi, most of whom haven't seen me play - in fact all of whom knew me before my exit from Jozi and mid-life existentialism drove me to finally actualise the dream I've had since childhood. 

So ...

SunshiP is the band; and "My Death" is the single that appears below. The song's a lot happier than its title alludes; and the video was shot by TV students of the Rhodes School of Journalism and Media Studies. Their project was to select a piece of music by a Gtown band, and then create a visual narrative around it, which they had to film and edit. The actual sound recording of the song was done about a year ago - before we had Rick playing with us on sax, so it's just Larry, Anton and I - on guitar n vocals, bass and drums respectively. How we play the song has also changed in the last year. It's pace is much faster now, but the recording's still a catchy ditty, a lot of fun, and we'll record it again when we do our album.

For now, this goes out with much love to all my people in Jozi. My dream is to play live for all of you soon.


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