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Jaguar’s code named C-X17 sport crossover concept

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Jaguar presents their C-X17 sports crossover. This concept vehicle is doing its global rounds, flirting with motoring journalists, car enthusiasts and those that are exposed to the coverage created by its globe-trotting PR campaign. Three C-X17’s have been made. South African played host to a red four seater version.



This sports crossover borrows its styling cues from the large and luxurious XJ model while sharing a similar derrière to the sexy F-TYPE roadster. It is a true Jaguar in every sense of the word. A low-slung stance combine with 23” alloy wheels to give the C-X17 a sporting, aggressive presence, while the LED headlamps, J-shaped running lights and frosted glass fog lights set into the large front intakes add to the C-X17’s purposeful intent.


The brand has made great strides in reinventing itself over the last few years. It began with the beautifully elegant XF then the XJ and most recently with the F-TYPE. I have no doubt that this concept will go into actual production. When it does, Jaguar’s staff have indicated that it will take approximately two years for arrival. Start saving now for 2016.


The launch of the C-X17 concept heralds a new age for Jaguar. The sport crossover will be built on an all new aluminum platform, but so will the future of the brand’s cars. First to use this advanced light weight platform will be a compact executive sedan that will be placed under their XF. Jaguar is hard at work for its launch in 2015 and promise class leading dynamics from this new car. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Lexus consider yourselves warned.


The flexibility that this architecture will provide the means for the philosophy “anything we can imagine, we can create,” to deliver a new portfolio of products less restricted by technical or manufacturing constraints


The C-X17 could offer refined on road dynamics and sedan car like handling, thanks to its low height, optimised centre of gravity and use of cutting-edge dynamic technologies such as Torque Vectoring by Braking, in which the car intelligently uses its brake system to balance the distribution of engine power to the wheels during cornering, reducing understeer (skidding) and maximising grip.



Says Ian Callum, Design Director, Jaguar: “We designed the C-X17 from the ground up from a distinct set of principles, a deep sense of what makes a Jaguar: exciting proportions, clean lines, balance of form. Assertive and powerful, yet with a beautiful sensuality about it, the C-X17 is boldly, distinctively Jaguar”


The interior of the C-X17 boasts a sculpted, lightweight appearance. The car’s unique roof features contoured panes that provide a distinctive ‘elliptical’ panoramic view to the C-X17’s passengers, while retaining the roof’s sleek appearance from the exterior.


In the four seater version, a centre tunnel running the length of the car, from the instrument panel through to the rear passenger seats, incorporates the Interactive Surface Console – an interactive multi-passenger infotainment hub with a series of touchscreens under a continuous panel of transparent acrylic glass, which in conjunction with the secure in-car wi-fi network, enables the vehicle’s passengers to connect and share experiences with each other and the outside world via social media. The Interactive Surface Console allows the vehicle occupants to upload pictures, video and sound files from their mobile devices and share them with their fellow passengers, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels. Using the touchscreens and an intuitive user interface, information can be ‘flicked’ forwards and rearwards between the front and the rear passengers. By enabling sharing, both in terms of technology and information, between the occupants of the C-X17, the Interactive Surface Console puts as much focus on the rear compartment as on the front and immerses all four passengers in a unified multisensory experience.



The C-X17’s premium in-car digital audio system has been specially designed for the vehicle by British specialist audio firm, Meridian, and the car’s centre console is configured for a head up display projector. The system draws on Meridian’s award-winning digital sound processing technology. Tri-field technology creates an all enveloping sound field that makes each listener feel that the music is exclusively focused on him or her.



I made mention of something blue in the heading of the article. Jaguar is developing all new four cylinder diesel and petrol engines, allowing Jaguar to break the 100g CO2/km barrier for the first time. These new engines offer ‘blue’ or environmentally friendly fuel consumptions while still guaranteeing performance.




Length                                     4 718

Wheelbase                              2 905

Height                                      1 649

Width                                       1 959

Ground clearance                      213




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