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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I like French cars. Why? Well, they let the Germans and Japanese do their thing – you know – you do you boo. They are in their own world. Most of the time, that’s great. They innovate and develop unique products.

Perhaps unfairly brushed with a coat of being labelled as a risky purchase because the are pricey to service and if any mechanical issues should arise, parts take time to arrive, leaving you carless for too long. Maybe this was true in the past but now, to retain competitive resale, servicing costs and stock supply chains have all been areas for improvement for Peugeot. Thankfully, improvements have been made.

The French brand recently expanded their SUV/Crossover range to include a 5008 that is essentially an extended version of the stylish 3008. The range also includes the compact 2008 which will be replaced next year to look more like the midsized 3008 and large 5008.

The concept is rather smart – also seen on the VW Tiguan and the larger 7-seater Tiguan Allspace. Why not take a winning recipe and spread the good times to accommodate two extra people in a pop up third row of seats?  

Locally, the 5008’s competition is slim – cars like the above-mentioned Tiguan Allspace and Nissan’s X-Trail, Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento, Renault Koleos and Land Rover Discovery Sport. I suppose you could throw in the likes of the rugged Ford Everest and Toyota Fortuner, but these are better suited to individuals who need a hardy vehicle with off-road capabilities.

Perfectly suited to those who have three or more kids, require large boot space and enjoy a luxurious ride, the 5008 is very suitable. Drenched in French flair, the 5008 beats to its own drum, mixing the flowing lines to merge in harmonious synergies.

Tech-laden, as part of the package, the 5008 in Allure trim includes such luxuries as Lane Keeping Assist, Forward Collision Protection, AppleCar Play, digital iCockpit display, touch screen infotainment system, selective scented perfume, mood adjustable display and lighting and the list goes on and on. The 5008 is beautifully endowed in the tech department.

I was given the 1.6-L turbo petrol motor to review. There is 121 kW/ 240 Nm on tap which more than adequately accelerates this 7-seater around. You can expect to hit a 100km/h from a standstill in 9 seconds with the power-driven exclusively through its front wheels and sublime 6-speed automatic gearbox.  If petrol isn’t your poison, the 5008 is also offered is an oil-burning 2.0-L turbo diesel motor. I’ve driven it in the smaller 3008 and can vouch for the quality of this beautiful engine.

A highlight of this family cruiser is its ride. The quality is outstanding – to the point that speed bumps are adsorbed rather than ridden over. Not compromising on dynamic ability, there is perfect balance between comfort and sporting feedback. This is further enhanced by a small sporty steering wheel that directs the car’s small turning circle.

Accommodation is ample – think luxury suite at a trendy 4-star hotel. Not opulent, rather comfortably elegant while spaciousness being the most appropriate adjective. I also enjoyed the functionality and practicality of the 5008-seat adaptability and versatility. 

Hard to dislike, the 5008 is arguably the most comfortable car within its class. It is also the least SUV of the pack and most closely aligned to the Allspace, yet more unique.


Plus +

  • High specification levels.
  • Unique interior and exterior design.


Minus –

  • Little. 



Allure 1.6L THP 121kW six speed automatic R534 900

Allure 2.0L HDI 110kW six-speed automatic R554 900

GT Line 1.6L THP 121kW six speed automatic R579 000

GT Line 2.0L HDI 110kW six-speed automatic R599 900


Service and warranty

A 5 year / 100 000km comprehensive warranty and 5 year / 100 000km comprehensive service plan.

Customer support: roadside assistance, 24-hour Customer contact centre, Licence renewal reminder, Service plan and warranty expiry notifications.


My choice

Allure 2.0L HDI 110kW six-speed automatic R554 900


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