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We all know Volvo makes safe cars. Recently they’ve decided to make sexy ones too – look at their V40 hatchback, S60 sedan and most recently the impressively sophisticated XC90 as examples.


Not happy resting on their laurels, Volvo have launched a limited edition high performance sedan and estate together with their official performance partners, Polestar. The new cars, the Polestar S60 and V60 have been designed to match and in some cases better the likes of rivals from Germany.


So what is Polestar and what are they doing to the Volvo brand that is making them performance cars? The company Polestar began it partnership with Volvo 1996. The marriage brings advanced motoring engineering together with thoroughbred motorsport dynamics. The result, the S60 and V60 Polestar (South Africa is only receiving the sedan S60 version).  Today, Polestar is responsible for the global development, preparation and running of Volvo Cars official motorsport programme.


So how fast is this quick Volvo? The S60 Polestar features a fantastic sounding 3.0l 6 cylinder turbocharged engine, like its rivals BMW and Audi, although this one churns out a handsome slab of ab at 258kW and head thrusting 500N.m of torque. Like Audi, this Volvo let’s all its horses out via an all-wheel-drive system, its flawless in the way it plants all that power to the tarmac - making child’s play of tight corners. The S60 Polestar hit 100km/h from zero in just 4.9 seconds – I don’t need to tell you that it’s quick – you blink and it’s almost hit the legal limits.


Volvo are such a cock tease! They went and made a fantastic performance car that’s good for school runs too, they priced it at a fair deal, R735K in fact – not a bad price for what you’re getting. And they sold them ALL, already!

I drove this car under the guidance of Volvo’s Swedish touring car champion, Thed Björk and can honestly say it is bloody marvellous. Job well done Volvo Polestar.


If you find a used one, buy it. Now!



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