May is my absolute favorite month of the year!! Not because its my beautiful son's birthday or that without fail there is always an amazing Greek concert at Emperor's Palace to quench my thirst for Greek music, but because....wait for it.... its Eurovision time!!!!

Every year without fail, (with the exception of the year that King Antonis Remos happened to be in South Africa), I gather anyone I can convince, to join me in watching this European tradition!!  My kids friends have been coming over for slumber parties to enjoy this event. (None of which are Greek).  Everyone chooses their favourite songs and we have competitions as to who we think will win.  

Yes, I am obsessive compulsive about the Eurovision Song contest. I have been ever since I can remember.  Growing up in Cyprus may have a little to do with it. Who could forget the joy when Elena Paparizou won the title for Greece with "My number one" in 2005? Utter joy, especially cause I happened to be watching it with my Portuguese friends.

There was of course the year that I almost, for a second thought about boycotting the whole contest.  The year was 2006, Anna Vissi, "Everything". Those who know me, know about my other obsession which is Anna! She gave a spectacular performance but was obviously not voted for because she is such an enormous threat.. Den peirazi!!


I am loving the Greek song for this year..Cute boy, beautiful lyrics, a bit of Greek flavour.. could do with a little less of the rapping, but maybe I am just a little old school!!


So come on everyone, book Saturday night off, call some friends over, get some pizza, and enjoy Eurovision 2011!!






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Comment by alexandra avgitidis on May 13, 2011 at 16:24
I have to agree I'm also a fan of Eurovision and I'm watching it for sure!!!! The greek song is a winner and these two young guys are talented...what a voice! 12 points for Greece!!

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