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So, you saw last week I had the Haval Jolion on test. I am dumfounded, and with good reason. The family SUV ticks all the right boxes, has little to no flaws worth lamenting on and it is cheap – R300K to R400K.


This week I step into the larger H6 model. I cannot comment on the previous generation H6, or any other Haval products other than the Jolion, as the Jolion and H6 are my first encounters with the GWM Haval products. I can say that I had to wait a long while to review these cars. The reason for the delay was that Haval South Africa is selling the Jolion and H6 like hot cakes. Every car that lands in the country is sold.


After my encounter with both vehicles, I now understand the brand’s meteoric rise which is unprecedented. The brand has rocketed up the top 10 list of car brands in South Africa by sales volume and is now larger than Nissan. It’s a success story!


This week I review the top-of-the-range, the H6 2.0T Super Luxury AWD variant, and I investigate why South Africans are finding this brand and its vehicles so appealing.


Since the birth of HAVAL H6, the first "intelligent urban SUV" of the HAVAL brand, in 2011, its products have been iterated and optimised for three generations in a ten-year period. After rigorous market tests, the HAVAL H6 is leading the global SUV trend. The HAVAL H6 has brought historic changes to the Chinese market.


It has been the best-selling SUV in China for many years and the "National Legendary Vehicle" in the eyes of Chinese users. Through upgrades, it has also set off a craze in the international market, becoming the trusted option of 3.5 million car owners worldwide and ranking among the top five SUV models in global sales in 2017. Its global sales amounted to 3.5 million units in 10 years.


In exterior design, a new Eastern futuristic aesthetic concept that perfectly integrates Eastern philosophy and future technology is used to reflect the beauty of harmony between the senses of youth and high-class as well as to satisfy all the fantasies of global users for taste and technology.


Additionally, empowered by the L.E.M.O.N. platform, the third-generation HAVAL H6 has been updated in both intelligence and performance. Intelligent technologies make it a partner who can think, communicate and evolve. Intelligent full-color Head Up Display, which used to only appear in the top models of luxury cars, allows users to know real-time vehicle and road conditions while driving with their eyes looking straight ahead. Full-scene automatic parking enables automatic parking in all directions, putting an end to manual control. The new HAVAL H6 is granted stronger performance by using the fully updated 2.0-l turbocharged engine, second-generation seven-speed double-clutch gearbox transmission and chassis system of better controllability and stability. The motor delivers a power output of 150kW between 6,000 - 6,300 r/min, and a peak torque of 320Nm between 1,500 - 4,000 r/min.


Despite being a large 5-seater SUV with a cavernous boot capacity, it is based on a lightweight structure, which enables better fuel efficiency (an increased improvement by up to 14.5%) and allows for a dynamic driving experience.


Every detail of the HAVAL H6 has been crafted to be responsive and efficient, giving you extra peace of mind. Boasting Level 2 advanced automatic driver assistance like Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), Lane-Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and more. Additionally, the H6 boasts an intelligent suite of safety features, so you can spend more time enjoying the journey. Cruise with confidence in every direction with Autonomous Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane-Keep Assist and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert.


At the heart of the HAVAL H6 is a tech-savvy infotainment system that turns any task into a small tap on a screen. No matter where the journey takes you, stay connected to the outside world with a convenient wireless smartphone charger, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


As standard equipment on all models you will find an eight-speaker Sound System, 10.25-inch Virtual Instrument, 12.3-inch Ultra-Smart Touch Screen, High-Gloss Electroplating Rotary Shift for the automatic gearbox (very similar to the one seen in Jaguar vehicles), Front-Seat Heating, Auto-Lift Tailgate, Panoramic Sunroof and a Driver Six-Way Power-Adjustable Seat with Two-Way Power-Adjustable Lumbar Support.

It is hard to think that in just 10 short years, a car brand has delivered such an up-to-date product that excels within its class and punches above its weight into a premium market. This is thanks to high levels of refinement and a smorgasbord of advanced, user-friendly functions and driver safety aids.


Much like the Jolion I’m very impressed with this vehicle. Its engine is more refined and dynamic than the 1.5-l turbo seen in the Jolion, which edges it further into pleasurable motoring.


If I were Haval’s competitors, I’d be worried. 



Premium 2WD R431 900

Luxury 2WD R466 900

Luxury 4WD R494 900

Super Luxury 4WD R529 900


Service and Warranty

The H6 range comes standard with a 5 Year, 100 000 km warranty and a 5 Year, 60 000 km service plan.


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