Five Cabinetry and Storage Tips to Give Your Kitchen A Contemporary Look

Your home is a part of you. The surroundings where you reside and the structures which form a part of your daily life become infused with the glow and aura that emanates from your personality. Not to mention the fact that it is your tastes and preferences which are reflected in the way you choose to shape the interiors of your home and the fixtures, wallpapers and other accessories that you add to it. Style should be understated, elegant and pervade your senses down to the finest detail. And custom cabinetry is something which has always been known to enhance the glamour of your home and also create excess space for storage. Below are listed some wonderful ideas regarding modern styles in which to design and model cabinets (latest designs and styles available at luxury appliance stores such as in the showrooms of Sub-Zero in Houston). Read on:

Veneer Wood Cabinetry: This would be a wonderful style on which to model your kitchen cabinet choices. The use of wooden veneer cabinet doors is a trend which has been in vogue ever since 2014. Slab veneer doors have always been popular throughout Europe, and now they are slowly gaining prominence and popularity in the United States. The slab style adds warmth and depth to modern architecture and the grainy wooden texture makes the whole set-up look majestic in an organic manner.

Stainless Steel Cabinetry: Stainless steel is virtually synonymous with the terms ‘modern’ and ‘sleek’. And it is something thatcan be called ‘timeless’ in every sense of the term. Even in structures where the body is made from a material other than steel, adding stainless steel cabinet doors would make it look charming and chic. If you have a wealth of stainless steel kitchen appliances, then it would fit right in with the rest. Besides, stainless steel cabinets are easy to clean, sanitary and are eminently durable. There are very few things which could ideally replace a solid stainless steel cabinet. Moreover, having one of these represents a marriage of wealth with refined taste.

Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets: The greatest thing about these types of kitchen cabinets is that they are bright, shiny and sport a rich hue. These are created when numerous coats of lacquer are applied to kitchen cabinets, and then following it up with waxing and polishing. The aesthetic of sleek and glossy lacquer cupboard is matched only by the elegance of teakwood or white marble. And while lacquer has been known to chip easily, it can carry off durability if done the right way and applied with the correct varnish.

Floating Shelves: ‘Clean lines’ is the order of the day as far as modern kitchen decor is considered. An increasing number of people are opting for clean lines for storage in the upper parts of the kitchen and pairing them with closed, formal cabinetry doors for storage at the bottom. This is a style which goes extremely well with contemporary interior decor; be it a mosaic counter-top, stainless steel appliances or a floor made from Italian marble. This part-line-part-cabinet style is the latest trend taking the American market by storm. 

There are endless ideas thatwould serve to make your kitchen an absolute winner as far as aesthetics and storage space optimization is concerned. These are just a few of the choicest ones out of those. 

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