Earwax remains a mysterious substance of our body to date and though it may seem gross many earwax removal health professionals have confirmed its benefits that secure the health of our ears. It helps to lubricate, clean and protect the ear canal by repelling water, prohibits any insects or bacteria into the ear as well as trapping dirt. But too much earwax build-up can lead to earwax blockage that can cause many hearing problems such as earache, infection, itchiness, tinnitus and even hearing loss to some extent. In these cases, it is best to opt for an earwax removal provided by many earwax removal services nowadays. For this reason, it is recommended to know some facts about earwax and ear wax removalto obtain better ear health.

Earwax Is Not Wax

Though it has wax in its name earwax is not really wax despite having a waxy texture. Earwax partially contains skin from the auditory or the canal that renews itself. Usually, dead cells in the ear that drops off are pulled into produce earwax. Earwax mainly consists of secretions from two glands such as ceruminous and sebaceous glands and is primarily made of fatty acids, squalene, cholesterol and alcohols. While the ceruminous gland rests outside the auditory canal, the sebaceous gland secretes the oil that helps to lubricate the skin.

Earwax Protects Your Ears

Earwax majorly helps in protecting the sensitive skin inside the auditory canal that may lead to infection even from a small break in that skin. The waxy texture of the earwax helps in lubricating the skin and due to being a natural antimicrobial; earwax also prevents bacterial infection even before it can affect the ear. 

Earwax Can Be Of A Different Kind

As surprising as it sounds, earwax can be of different kinds including coming in two forms- wet and dry. Though wet earwax is more common and can be relatable to most people, individuals from the East Asia region can experience dry form similar to Native American Indians. These variations mainly depend on genetics just like your eye colour. 

Too Little Earwax Is Not A Good Thing

Excessive cleaning of your ear canals can lead to itchy ears due to low levels of earwax. A moderate level of earwax is necessary to keep your ear healthy and protect it as well. if you feel your ears being itchy lately, chances are your ear canal is dry due to not having enough earwax as they act as a lubricant inside the ears. You can use a drop of mineral oil in such cases to moisten the dry skin.

Too Much Earwax Isn’t Good Either

As much as too little earwax is not recommended, too much earwax can also lead to various problems related to your ear health. Though it is an important and essential part of the body, excessive earwax can lead to various issues related to hearing including earache, tinnitus, ear infection, vertigo and even hearing loss in some cases. Thus it is recommended to get that extra earwax removed to keep a balance and if any such instances occur, visit your nearest earwax removal clinic to get an earwax removal consultation or opt for a professional earwax removal if the condition is a bit severe. 

Earwax cleans the ear canals

Earwax may seem gross but it helps collect all the dirt, dead cells and bacteria in its waxy texture and protects the skin inside the ear canal. The movements of your jaw help the earwax to loosen up from the wall so that it can be sent through the ear opening. 

Earwax can say a lot about your ear health

Through the colour of your earwax, you can determine the health of your ears. Earwax comes in many colours such as dark brown, light brown, white and flaky as well as black in some instances. While all of them are common and normal to have, if you find dark brown tinged with red it is recommended to visit a hearing clinic for a possible injury. 

Earwax is natural and provides many benefits to protect our ears but it is best to keep a balanced level of earwax to maintain better ear health. If any issues occur related to earwax, you can visit your nearest ear wax removal clinic or opt for an earwax removal in Peterborough.

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