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You know those families, the ones with strong genes - where everyone looks related? They have the same hair, eyes and strong jawline. They even sound similar. 


If you don't, then I'll give you an example: think about the Kardashian/Jenner family. Each of the five sisters and their brother, Rob, all have strong genetic ties - I mean just look at them. Another famous family, better known for their acting abilities, are the Baldwin brothers: Alex, Daniel, William, and Steven. The similarities are palpable; they are hybrids of one another.


Less human, but no less a good example are the cars produced by Mercedes-Benz. More specifically, in lieu of car I'm reviewing, the coupes: the compact C-Class, the elegant E-Class and the sumptuous S-Class. 


Like the Kardashian sisters, they are very similar, yet uniquely different. But let's say it as it is and remove the elephant in the room: not all the sisters are equally good-looking. Looks are subjective, but it's Kim and Kendall, the middle children, who are noted as the lookers in the bunch. 


Continuing with my analogy, the E-Class Coupé is the best looking in the Mercedes-Benz Coupé family. Its proportions are flawless. Now bigger all-around, most notably with a longer wheelbase - for better rear leg room, its lines flow homogeneously. It's poetry in motion. The C-Class coupe, on the other hand, doesn't flow as well, and the S-Class looks bloated by its vast dimensions. 

Moving on from the subjective topic of looks, on the road, the E-Class has been beautifully crafted around its driver. It has been created for a person who loves the feeling of being cosseted. They appreciate the fine things in life, with a penchant for covert sexiness, wrapped in tailored sophistication. 


Mercedes-Benz has hit the nail on the head with their new E-Class Coupé. Better than the car it replaces. It is tauter, better balanced and more comfortable than ever. 


Its bigger dimensions mean more room to appreciate its modern luxury. The new larger coupe is happier to transport four adults, with good leg and headroom. The boot is spacious, enough to carry a load of groceries for a few weeks. 


Dynamically, the E-Class remains a grand cruiser, which the name plate is perfectly suited. You'll have to look beyond the standard range - at the AMG 43 and 63 varieties for more potent athletic prowess. I’m not saying that the range doesn't offer rapid options.  On the contrary, there are three petrol options available: E 200 (with an adequate 135 kW), E 300 (with a substantial 180 kW) both 2.0-l turbocharged engines and a smooth, velvety V6 3.0-l (with a whopping 245 kW). For the diesel lovers, there is the new and vastly improved 2.0-l turbo diesel engine (that churns out a potent 143 kW). All of these engines are mated to a rapidly shifting 9-speed gearbox. Mercedes offers a drive selector, DYNAMIC SELECT, allowing its driver the ability to toggle between modes: Sport +, Sport, Comfort and Eco modes. This aid alters the throttle and gear changing response, along with the steering feel. If you opt for the expensive DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL suspension with adjustable damping, the suspension will also appropriately adjust. Otherwise, you are stuck with the glorious standard set up, which is appropriately set for comfort.


The E-Class sedan, launched before the Coupe, set new standards for the brand – labelled the most technologically advanced Mercedes-Benz. The same can be said and appreciated in the new E-Class Coupe.  There is an array of technological aids and devices that elevate the driving experience. A novel feature is the car’s head and tail lights – both use intelligent LED lighting. They function as if alive – monitoring the lighting and others cars around them and adjusting instantaneously and continually. The result is illuminating. Another highlight, also optional, is the huge landscape screen that floats behind the steering wheel and ends in the centre console. It is spectacular - a modernist approach that springs this Mercedes into the future. This large electronic screen displays a multitude of information for easy viewing.


Hard to fault, the new Coupe is almost perfect, with only minor niggles evident. Things like keyless entry being an option, or the lack of an automatic hold button for the electronic handbrake are but two. For a car costing over a million Rand, human-made leather seems inappropriate.


So, is it better than its competition? As a grand luxury cruiser, it is the best. As a more dynamic athlete, the BMW’s are better choices, but who wants to race when you can cruise?




Relaxing to drive.



Not much

The E 400 $Matic is pricey.


The competition 

Audi A5/S5, BMW 4 Series and 6 Series, Lexus RC and Ford Mustang 


The pricing

E 200 R754 500

E 220d R806 500

E 300 R842 500

E 400 4Matic R1 021 500


Service and Warranty


A stipulation in the terms and conditions when purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz passenger car is that customers need to register for Mercedes Me Connect to activate the class-leading PremiumDrive 6-years/100,000 km maintenance contract, a value-add at no additional cost.

My choice 

E 300 R842 500



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