Absolutely loving bright colours this Summer. Be sure to buy yourself bright colours to update your wardrobe. Don't be scared to grab the brightest items in the store, play with them in the change room pairing them with each other to come up with some head turning outfits. Nothing cheers me up more this summer than my green blazer, or my red skinnies. 

Try avoid buying the usual nudes, browns, blacks and whites this Summer. Go bold. You can always pair a bright piece back to what you already have at home to give yourself an immediate update, but as you get braver be sure to wear colour on colour. 

Would love to see some beautiful people wearing colour & post on the blog, so if you keen to send me some pics you can email me here or send them to me on twitter here.

Happy shopping! Love LHP xoxo 






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Comment by Danielle on November 30, 2011 at 6:49

i think these colours could really look good in any wardrobe :)

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