The change of season always plays havoc with various things- as the leaves fall abundantly everywhere, so your hair seems to want to mimic this plan of nature and you find that copious amounts of hair are alarmingly leaving your head. I usually try to put a stop to this arrangement by jumping in with immediate preventative measures- and these are old favourites- I bought these products myself, they are not sponsored at all.*

The first brilliant, tried and tested product is Fench brand Vichy’s Dercos Technique Energising shampoo which tackles hair loss as it contains Aminexil, a patented molecule that fights the hair’s collagen-stiffening process and effectively prevents hair loss in both men and women. The product also consists of vitamins PP, PB, and B6, all good guys, and it also is free of parabens. It’s really pleasant to use and I find it makes my hair bouncy and although I still have a bit of hair loss, especially when I wash my hair, I find that it is really effective in preventing that awful hair-filled plug in your shower! It's not new, it's been around for ages. I got mine at Clicks as they had a super 3 for 2 deal.

 R215.95 for 200ml.


Another tried and tested product is Vichy’s Mineral 89, a daily booster with a favourite skin active ingredient, Hyaluronic acid! Now you know that HA is found naturally in the skin but as we age it gets depleted quite radically-sigh- All you need is a few drops on your face and neck after you cleanse and you have plump, toned, hydrated skin all day- promise- have been using this for a while. Mineral 89 Fortifying and Plumping Daily Booster contains 89% of the famous Vichy Thermal water, full of minerals including potassium, magnesium and calcium. These are the same minerals found in your skin’s natural moisturising factor. All good stuff, especially for the chilly weather that’s coming- dry, dull and flaky are not words we want in our skin vocabulary, so try this serum, it will give you a boost!

 R470 for 50ml- lasts forever (I got mine cheaper so look out for specials!)


 * On that note- if I am sent products, I test them thoroughly for at least 3 weeks before I decide to write a review. If the product isn't worth writing about, I choose not to review it.


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