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Scandinavian attention to detail

Volvo Re-launches its 60 Range

Design is influenced by people and how these people interact in their social environment. Currently the appetite for technology is driving the new age of technological advancements. Scandinavians created the concept of “beautiful things that make your life better”.…


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The Ups and Downs of 4x4’ing

The adventure began with a “cuppa” coffee and a hot air balloon ride. The three balloons gently lifted off the dry Highveld landscape like gentle giants floating through the sky. It’s not every day you get to stop and watch life pass you by, especially from 2000 feet above the ground.  The adrenaline from the ride was a great way to set off on our off road adventure.  The…


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Aladdin’s Magic Carpet

The first impression

Audi’s Q line of vehicles have created a following but not without initial controversy. The Q7, the first of the brand’s quest to go big or go home in the SUV market, was launch back in 2006. It was judged for looking like a hearse. That didn’t stop it going on to be a top seller and having a longer lifespan than the previous generation VW…


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It’s cute but it’s a brute

(Image by Shawn Jooste)


Remember the TV series M.A.S.H? The satirical American black comedy from the early 70’s which aired for over a decade. Remember or not, you’ll remember the two door army jeep, which was most often seen as an open topper in the series. What’s that got to do with the newly nipped and tucked Suzuki Jimny?…


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The World's First Designer SAC


MINI have launched the world’s first SAC! This apparently is not a joke, but rather an acronym for “Sport Activity Coupe”.

There is one thing in life that is certain, change. Music is downloaded, video clips are uploaded, kids don’t read books but scan tablets, and everyone is chatting on Whatsapp. Imagine I made this statement ten years ago, you would think I…


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