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When you start doing forex trading you obviously need to be aware of what market you are going to explore including knowledge and terminologies that are often not so well known on other markets.

Alongside this, however, a considerable technical analysis preparation is required, the only help capable of providing fast and statistically reliable operating signals to be placed on the market.

In addition to the traditional technical analysis notions, however, it is important to…


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Financial Risks Associated with Investing in New Inventions

As much as there are different kinds of people who consider themselves open-minded and liberal to new ideas, as human beings we are all conservative to change. Ever since the invention of the wheel to the recent space explorations, the first step is usually the hardest when it comes to embracing the idea of strange new possibilities.


When it comes to finance, the balancing of the cost of investing in a project and the expected returns from such a project is usually the…


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The bigger, better, budget-busting KIA Sorento LS.


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The prices of cars have gone bonkers! What you could have bought for R500…


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A knock-Out Production- the legendary South African musical King Kong

With Heritage Day happening this weekend, it seems apt to encourage theatre-lovers to go and see this magical production at the Joburg Theatre- King Kong. It's a fabulous musical which confirms the fact that South Africa's Got Talent- in spades!

Eric Abraham produces and presents this Fugard Theatre production, which runs at the Joburg Theatre from 12…


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Why you should have predefined goals in trading

You are investing in Forex to make money and to get rich. You cannot deny that as it is the common goal for all the traders. If you look at how much success these traders are in their career, you will be disappointed. Only a small number of traders are successful in Forex. Though they do not have a clear shortcut goal like you that they want to make money, they have some long-term goal to stay in the market. This article will help you to answer your inner questions that you haven’t think of.…


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Eastgate Look of Fashion 2017

Rolling out the red carpet of retail, Eastgate Shopping Centre is in pursuit of its fresh, new face for 2017. A coveted annual event on the fashion and retail calendar, the Eastgate Look of Fashion, will be hosted on Saturday the 23rd September 2017. Fresh-faced hopefuls, between the ages of 17 and 25, will take to the stage to claim the…


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NEW La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Dry touchGel-Cream


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Clarks: Men's Spring/Summer 2017 Highlights

Clarks Spring/Summer 2017 collection for men effortlessly blends the brand’s time-honoured reputation for creating beautifully crafted silhouettes with a modern, free-spirited attitude.

From relaxed sports styles to…


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"Celltone: Summer Skin Care Essentials"

Summer can be a glorious time – filled with days by the beach, lounging by the pool and tons of sun. The sun doesn’t have to be a feared enemy, but keeping it a distant acquaintance can prove difficult especially during the warmer months.…


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Vichy Launches Corrective Make-Up Range

Dermablend, Vichy's award-winning range of camouflage make-up with added SPF, expertly covers all complexion flaws including redness, dark circles, uneven complexions, vitiligo and acne.

DERMABLEND covers and visually corrects…


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Eish Kream – Sweetery

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Eish Kream.  The first & only cold-pressed spaghetti Eish Kream in SA.

Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely places. For Yaseera Essack Carrim, inspiration hit in a tiny European cafe. She brought the concept of…


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Just Landed in Metropolitan Cosmetics

Founded in 2009 by Christine Benet, Delarom is a French premium skincare beauty brand expert in natural formulas based on essential oils and vegetable oils. 

Our brand offers a unique cosmetic and treatment range for…


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The little gem called Ignis

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Suzuki is riding a wave of good fortune. Their sales are up, despite a pressurised economic climate (July saw them selling 774 units - a record…


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Top Six Tips for Finding the Best Astrologers in Kolkata

Astrology is a branch of science which has its origin from the Vedas itself and deals with celestial bodies like stars and other planets to determine our fate. People, who practice this form of science, are known as astrologers. However the modern day science doesn't believe in this sort of techniques, and there are only a few countries like India and Thailand where it’s been practiced widely. In India, there are many famous cities like Kolkata where some of the best astrologers are found,…


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When it's legendary - the Golf Version 7.5

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I'm sitting on the pool deck of my boutique hotel in Barcelona, with this vast city…


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Staying Sun Safe- Optiphi, Filorga, SVR

With the weather changing so quickly- at least here in Jozi- it’s important to get cracking with a few suncare products so that you avoid harmful UV rays as well as the pigmentation that comes with sun damage. Sun protection products have come a long way; most people (kids top the list!) hate the feeling of sticky sunblocks and the white cast that usually accompanies application.

The products I’ve been testing are in a completely different category and I’ve loved using them.…


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How You Can Save Costs on Cosmetics

With the greater part of life's costs, it can be difficult to legitimize expensive magnificence items, exorbitant hair styles and regular nail trims. Fortunately, you don't have to spend a ton to feel like a million dollars. Here are some simple traps to sparing cash on magnificence supplies, while as yet keeping up the quality that accompanies top of the line items. The best part is that some of these magnificence hacks are items that may as of now be in…


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Clarks – The Wallabees


In 1967, Clarks produced the Wallabee. Based on a moccasin design, the brand combined craftsmanship and expertise to form a classic Clarks shoe that has remained a fashion-favourite throughout…


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New Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C Skin Corrector


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Europa Art - 50 Shades of Red!

At Europa Art, you can expect passion for fashion-forward, fine footwear of superior quality, making the expression of style easily accessible. An exceptional offering of trendsetting and traditional designs, at Europa Art, they cater to an array of shoe…


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