Getting Started

If you are new to Neofundi, below are the first few steps we recommend you take:

Here are 5 ways you can get started immediately:


1. Join a discussion by asking or answering a question - The discussions section is where you can ask questions. Mostly, we keep it fresh by asking questions that pertain to Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment news, but you can ask anything here.


2. Comment on a blog post. Get to know other creative people by letting them know you enjoy their blog posts.  Add to the discussion or just tell people you appreciate their post. Remember bloggers live for your feedback.


3.  Write your own blog post - If you see something that relates to our three core topics (Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment news), write your own blog post. We may just feature it on the main page. For tips on how to get started, check out How Do I Set up a Blog?


4.  Check out other members pages - add people as your friend. Just don't go around spamming others with your links. Take the time to get to know others in a real and authentic way.


5.  Add to the photos or video section - If you've seen a cool photo or video or just want to share some personal pictures with the community, upload them!  We're like one big family here.

For more information go to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

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