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I,m new. How do I get started?

Check out our getting started guide.



Where are my privacy options?

First go to 'settings' on the right hand side under your name and inbox.

Then click on 'privacy' and click the settings you wish to choose. 

Remember to click 'save' at the bottom of the page.


I am getting way too many emails with update notices. What can I do ?

Couple things you can do. First, go to your settings on the right hand side under your name and inbox (as shown above). Go to email and click which updates you don't want to receive. Third, when you join a group, you can choose whether to follow the group and receive updates when changes have been made or new members. If you are getting too many emails, turn the follow button off.

Making Friends

How do I make friends on neofundi?

Making friends is easy, click on 'members' on the navigation bar. Search members and then click on their profile page. You will find 'add as friend" under their profile pic.

How do I invite friends to join the neofundi network ?

On the right side under your name you will see a link 'invite', click this.

you will now have a few options as seen in box below. Import from address book or click on ' Enter email addresses" to manually imput your friend email addresses. They will be notified by email.




How do I add photos and create albums ?

Check out our Add photos guide for comprehensive instructions.



How do I add videos?

Check out our Add videos guide for comprehensive instructions.



How do I Add a Blog ?

Check out our How to Set Up a Blog guide for details. 


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