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is about things in life that i find inspirational, beautiful, trendy or that just appeal to me in some delightful way. I blog about everything that I love in my life and in my experience of a product and my world, from beauty, art, lifestyle, fashion and trends.





from the founder of the Socrati shoe brand, the man himself takes us on a journey of shoe delights. 






Our resident poet, her blog is always inspirational.







The Mask

obsessed with the way person takes whilst masked. She plans on documenting that which the mask may reveal:the beauty, innocence, fear, lust and eroticism.






Alexandra Avgitidis

I am intrigued by creative minds, brands, beauty and design.









a celebration of Iconic figures. People that have made a difference.








On days I feel inspired - I blog.





Daniel Calbacho (Motoring Blog)

"I was born with a passion for cars, from a young age I would listen to the sounds they made, instantly remember facts and figures about these amazing machines. A car would pass by and I could tell by the sound of the engine purring or the door thudding closed which brand and sometimes the exact model".




Laurice Taitz (like Charlize Theron) grew up in Benoni (31km from Johannesburg) believing it was her fate to always be slightly off-centre. Having swopped the East Rand for the city, she grew tired of hearing people say “There’s nothing to do in Joburg” and is now determined to prove them wrong.





Did You Know?

I am fascinated by interesting facts...misconceptions and scientific truths.







Candy Paula May

a 30-something Capetonian girl who, although tempted, will not succumb to cynicism in love and dating

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