FUR always plays a big role on the runways and will continue strongly as a fashion trend this winter. Always controversial, what do you think about fur?



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interesting that you bring this topic up. I was going through my cupboard the other day and found an old fur jacket, a pass me down. My dilemma, to wear it or not to wear it. I keep having images of PETA activists attacking me with red paint. Needless to say I have not worn it YET! But I have to admit I am tempted.

Sorry Socs, Beth, just not for me.  I am just one of those animal lovers and cannot do the fur thing but will not do the paint thing either!  However, I am fully aware of how warm fur is in icy countries like Russia and the practical point it serves, and am fully aware that I do wear leather etc.  It has to do with the way the animals are killed etc. so the entire matter becomes very controversial, as the issue can stretch into far reaching areas of other unfair animal slaughter.  However, for the cat walk, no... there are brilliant fake furs, lets protect the animals please.
@Louise ..totally with you on this one

Its so warm and cuddly! :)

don't 'fur' a second think, that I would in anyway support cruelty to animals so that I can don a fur. @Louise you have solved my dilemma, I won't wear it :)
No fur for me, thank you!


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