Wide Format Scanners: A Competent Solution for Digital Archiving

In this digital age, archiving important documents requires expert digital solutions. Digital archiving allows you to build a repository of useful documents, enabling easy access to the information. Digital technology is growing and archiving materials have become an indispensable part of many projects. Today, many printers have scanning facilities, but nothing beats the convenience of wide format scanners. (Information credit: ByColortrac)

A wide format scanner can meet all the challenges of digital archiving successfully – whether the documents are in sensitive condition, tattered, or have faded colors, the large format scanner is your one-stop solution allowing to get exquisite scans.

  • User-friendly Features that Interface with Document Management Systems

Most large format scanners come with user-friendly interfaces that help to manage a scanning project efficiently.  In addition, they are available in compact light weight models, in competent sizes. Conveniently enough, these scanners do not require a PC to operate. You can scan documents to Cloud, email, USB, internal memory, PC, and network. One of the best features of the wide format scanner is your ability to operate them from external sources smartphone and tablets. These scanners help generating high resolution images, with over 600 DPI optical resolutions. Once you have made your scans, you can store your files into different formats, PDF, JPG, TIF etc. Going forward, large format scanners have built-in CIS and CCD technologies that interface with document management systems conveniently. Due to their high-end features digitizing voluminous can be managed successfully.

  • Handle Critical Archiving Challenges

If you have a challenging scanning project to complete, consisting of oversize documents, intricate maps, or documents that are susceptible to damages, large format scanners will offer you a competitive edge.   Nevertheless, you must calibrate your scanner at regular intervals to ensure excellent performance. Calibration will enhance boost the accuracy of your scanned images.

  • Indexing

Archiving projects involve an extensive indexing scheme. Indexing deals with linking of relevant information with documents, allowing you to retrieve them as and when required.  Indexing can be quite debilitating – however, it is an excellent way to locate relevant information effortlessly. Since large format scanners come with high-end features that interface well with the document management scheme, they are likely to boost your productivity. Eminently, indexing of your archival components, simple or exhaustive, is managed successfully.

  • Manage Oversized Archival Documents with Ease

Large format scanners can scan a wide array of archival materials, across diverse formats.  You can digitize just about anything – paper or board. Scanning materials for your digital archive is no longer a tedious affair; you can now scan multitudes of materials including:

ü  Maps

ü  Bound volumes

ü  Designs

ü  Manuscripts

ü  Large Size Documents

ü  Newspapers

ü  Blueprints

ü  Artworks

ü  Posters

ü  Flags

ü  Architectural Drawings

ü  Photographs

In conclusion, scan delicate materials, blueprints, certificates or illustrations without any hassles.

These days, large format scanners offer high-end digital features like Ethernet and cloud-enabled tools, allowing you to access your scanned documents from anywhere. They offer multiple USB ports, helping you to connect to many external devices at the same time. Handling critical archival documents using wide format scanners not only improves performance, but allows you to accomplish your task faster.

 Managing voluminous scanning projects will not be a quagmire – large format scanners come with ISIS drivers that help you handle your projects effortlessly. Other than archiving, large format scanners are widely gaining recognition in multitudinous fields, from architecture, engineering, cartography to graphic designing. So know that you are enlightened about the benefits of wide format scanners in digitizing archives, you can consider to switch to these expert scanning solutions for excellent performance.

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