Why Timber is Used in Construction Projects

Timber has been an important part in the construction industry for years! It continues to be a lot more functional and a popular choice for architects and builders. Timber is quite a versatile material and a widely used building material, known for its thermal insulation and great load bearing ability. There are several timber manufacturers in South Africa who offer timber for use in different projects and purposes.

Timber is quite a favourable material amongst architects, and this is for several reasons. Below are some reasons why timber is a popular choice in the construction industry:

Insulation Properties:

When timber is used as a construction material, it acts as a great electrical insulator. It implies that timber offers effective resistance to high temperatures and electricity. Due to such insulating properties, timber is said to be a wonderful natural material and perfect for use as ceiling and wall covers. When used as ceiling or wall covers, it works effectively to stop the escape of heat. It also helps in keeping the different electrical components protected, which includes protection of the ceiling lights.

Timber is a material which is also quite effective and works well under intense heat. As timber gets warmer, it strengthens. As moisture slowly evaporates from wood, it stops expanding which is one of the main reasons why materials tend to break and bend due to high heat exposure.

Versatile Construction Material:

Timber is a popular construction material which can be easily bent to shape. It can be easily nailed together; it can also be bolted to another material and on many other different things. Timber can be easily used in many ways. It can be easily stored and moved. It has a great ability to get cut into unique shapes. Timber is also quite easy to maintain when compared to other kinds of construction materials which includes steel.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Timber is quite a cost effective solution. It is easy to maintain when compared to different kinds of construction materials. Other construction materials like steel are often difficult to replace and to repair. Timber requires very little effort to maintain. You just need to use some oils to ensure that the wood remains strong and is in great shape.

Quick Build Time:

Timber doesn’t take much time to work on. When timber is used for building purposes, it can be done quickly. Any timber frame can be easily cut, it can be quickly modulated, and it can be built to get all the precision needed. Thus, it takes less time to use timber for building, as debris is also reduced and takes very little cleaning time. It is also known that timber framed buildings can be quickly erected than stone or brick buildings. When building time is reduced, it does save money for the property owner.

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