Westin and Well-being go Hand-in-Hand

Westin Hotel Group which owns 185 hotels and resorts around the globe have recently launched a new mobile app that provides short, guided meditation sessions and exercises to help their guests “Sleep Well.”


They’ve put $15 million behind a year-long well-being campaign to reinforce its lifestyle brand image, whilst partnering with Headspace whom developed the app.


The collaboration will see guests offered a similar program on the hotel website Westin.com, with videos and audio files specifically designed for business or leisure guests, pre and post-stay.

To launch the program, Westin hotels has also been holding 5 km runs, mini spa appointments, group yoga sessions and opened up juice bars.

The six-pronged well being program includes aspects like “Sleep Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Work Well and Play Well.”

In addition to meditation and nutritious meal options, the campaign also focuses on physical fitness by lending New Balance gear to guests.


No chance for excuses such as “I forgot my running shoes” at Westin but what a way to encourage Wellness, well done.



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