Photography Patrick Toselli using Hasselblad   /   Styling and Production Leigh Toselli 

Assisted by Kyle Boshoff Hair    /     Make- up Lesley Whitby using M.A.C

Widely talented, highly educated and multi-faceted, South Africa’ s homegrown Bollywood it-girl,

Tarina Patel, is making waves along multiple international coasts. With a glamorous beauty that shines bright and a confidence that shines even brighter, Tarina enjoys stardom in India and is poised to take her share of the global spotlight. Kyle Boshoff chatted to her on the set of our December cover shoot.

Go big

Everyone has something that they love, something that best embodies them. Big, sexy hair - that’s my thing. You can’t go wrong with big, sexy hair.

Homegrown meisie
I proudly call myself South African. Home is where the heart is and with my family and my husband here in SA, this country is my home. The proof is during a South Africa versus India Cricket match, when I am the only one celebrating when we win!

Social butterfly

India is buzzing with things to do, and everything is done to the extreme. When I am there, I have at least 5 invites a night: launches, celebrations, premieres. There is never nothing to do! When I’m back here, I soak up the ‘me-time’ and enjoy private dinners with dear friends and intimate family time.
Not just a pretty face
I am proud of the fact that I take my intellect as seriously as I do my outward appearance.  I left South Africa after matriculating with 8 distinctions, and moved to India to study Medicine. The world of academia is completely different over there though and it wasn’t long before I realised it wasn’t for me, so I returned home and completed my degree in Psychology.
Retail therapy
I love shopping when I am abroad – there are so many options. I generally don’t shop when I am here. I’m afraid that I find South African designers to be under-publicised and under-appreciated – this makes shopping a challenge.

A little something-something

Whenever I think of women who say that they don’t have time to look in the mirror each day, I say it only takes five minutes! Putting in the effort makes the world of difference. You deserve to present the world with the best version of you. When I was last in Cairo, I met an immaculate and put together Italian women who embodied this sense of style – always making sure that she had touched-up make-up or a fresh outfit, was the way she approached life, and I was so inspired by her ability to make others smile with a fresh coat of lipstick.

Red carpet ready
South Africa is a new, young market when it comes to fashion, and we are not exposed to all the international brands. When I am here, I tend to be more relaxed, more casual. Back in India, it is another story. The style-stakes are higher there and everyone dresses up to the nines. One must keep up.
Loyalty is lekker
A lot of South Africans are not loyal or supportive of local talent. It is a sad fact that is hampering our growth. There is a very limited celebrity culture in SA, with the majority looking to the US for inspiration in music, art, film and fashion. Indians have an insatiable love for their celebrities and this
has helped the industry grow. Bollywood has long surpassed Hollywood!
Flying high
What’s next for me? Lots! I have lots of projects in the pipeline and lots of new ideas becoming reality. It’s all very exciting and the future looks brighter than ever.


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