A traditional pole marquee tent consists of a roof canopy that is supported by high centre poles. Unlike this kind of tent, the stretch tents or Bedouin tents are made from a flexible fabric structure that is erected under tension. The tent can be made from a single rectangular or square piece of specialised stretch fabric. By pushing poles of different heights into the fabric under tension, the fabric is rigged. Then the poles are pegged into place. If you remove the poles, the fabric will automatically get back to its previous shape. What is meant by this is that, depending on the requirement of the event or venue, a single tent can be rigged in a number of configurations. This is what makes stretch tents the best of them all. You can hire stretch tents in Cape Town and all over the world.  Here are a few frequently asked questions about stretch tents:

  • Are stretch tents waterproof?

The answer is yes. If you are organising an outdoor event, don’t forget to scrutinise the weather. Your special day could be unseasonably chilly, hot or reminiscent of a monsoon, whatever the time of the year it is. Stretch tents are extremely practical and look fantastic, impervious to harsh weather conditions and resistant to high winds. These tents are made in such a way, that you can easily pull the sides of the tents down, in order to create a cosy atmosphere. Also, you can open up the sides to allow cool breeze to cross.

  • Where the stretch tents can be put up?

Generally, the stretch tents are made from a strong, waterproof and stretchy material. This is why they can be fitted to any terrain or area. You can also adjoin more than one tent to make it one single large tent. Also, you can erect stretch tents on a slope, garden, down steps, and even around pools and trees.

  • How much time is needed to put it up?

It takes approximately half a day to erect a stretch tent marquee. But still, it depends totally upon the configuration and style of the tent. Compared to traditional marquee, stretch tents don’t require you to lift gears.

Some advantages of using stretch tents or Bedouin tents are described below:

Compared to traditional marquees, stretch tents are available in a variety of sizes. This is one of the many reasons why it has created a large but niche market in the event industry. Earlier, people with very large property would hold private parties at home. But now, with the advent of Bedouin tents, people with less money can also party hiring one.

Stretch tents can be erected anywhere, even in sloppy or hilly areas. This is a huge advantage, as you can make use of any unused space to make your event a grand one. Beneath these tents, the atmosphere is spectacular. The fabric of this tent creates such an impressive interior that it requires little to no dressing. 

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