The designer is set to expand his limited beauty line into a full makeup and skin care line, consisting of 132 pieces, with launch dates scheduled later this year. Two new fragrances will also be unveiled, so we’re expecting more FiFi awards to be won by the Tom Ford Beauty brand.


For such a creative fashion talent whose eye for aesthetic perfection is so keen he almost sounds like a demigod, Ford sounds like the absolute perfect candidate to launch a cosmetics line. The beauty line will still be produced in collaboration with Estee Lauder Companies, who’s done a great job with Tom Ford’s current collection. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Tom Ford speaks of creating a line of products that are practical and necessary.

“I don’t like B.S. and a lot of promises, and there are a lot of products out there you don’t even need. My brain works in the same way whatever I do. The approach is practical, architectural and I use the same vocabulary whether I’m designing clothing or color cosmetics,” Ford said.


“We have a full – and I mean FULL – collection coming into stores after the summer. The lipsticks I did were just a teaser,” Ford told Bazaar exclusively in his first UK interview about his return to the fashion world. “From cleansers, moisturisers, primers, lips, eyes, cheeks, foundation. It’s everything you could possibly want.”

“I worked closely with Charlotte Tilbury, who I love, on the collection,” adds Ford. The Brit make-up artist was also the woman behind the stunning, super glamorous make-up for Ford’s momentous return to the fashion world this September.


The collection will be the next step to building a global brand and one thing is for sure, just like his ready-to-wear, Ford is determined that his new range will appeal to women of all ages. “As we get older, this is corny but I say it all the time, you start out as eau de toilette and you end up as perfume – if you live long enough you turn into solid perfume – you are super potent.”


Ford is also co-starring in the ad campaign together with Dutch model Lara Stone, claiming that products “the product sells better” with him in the ads.


Source:By Clare Coulson-Harpers Bazaar-Women's Wear Daily


Can' t wait for this range to come to South Africa.




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Comment by Candy Paula May on September 21, 2011 at 9:58
Tom Ford is my hero. And if he were straight, he'd be in serious trouble!!

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