Tips for Purchasing High-End Kitchen Cabinets

The look, feel and function of your kitchen are greatly affected by cabinetry. There are a wide range of kitchen cabinets available today, and so, it is important that you do your homework very well before buying one. Cabinets should not only be timeless in their appeal, but also durable enough to last for years. Some tips are given in this article that you may consider while buying the perfect cabinet for your kitchen. Read on.

High-end cabinets

If you have set your heart on some of the most stylish cabinets that you have seen in some home decorating magazines, then get your checkbook ready. There are a number of brands such as Brookhaven that offers cabinets that are really beautiful and are clearly meant for high-end kitchens. Kitchen cabinets that are referred to as “custom-made” are generally created from imported cabinets. They can be modified according to your choice.

Experienced team

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while buying kitchen cabinets is that, you should buy them from a reputed brand such as Brookhaven. Brookhaven kitchen cabinets are one of the best kitchen cabinets out there in terms of quality as well as designs. They offer both frameless and full frame designs that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.


If you want to buy stained cabinets, make sure that you examine the finish closely. If you see that the finish is cloudy, it means that the quality is poor. If you want to purchase painted cabinets, know about the brand of the paint and also the process. Know how many coats of paints are used on the cabinets, how they treat the seam and what kind of top seal are used. For example, a catalytic conversion finish is a bakes-on factory finish and is extremely useful in preventing stains from products such as orange juice or ketchup.


It is suggested that you rub your hand up and down along the inside edge of the frame of the cabinet. However, you need to be extra careful while doing this, as poorly made cabinets will have sharp ends that may cut your hand. It does not mean that the inside of your cabinet has to be extremely smooth, but it should not be rough either. The inside of high-end cabinets is good to touch. Also, you should check the shelves while looking inside the cabinets.

Cabinet hardware

Checking the hardware of your kitchen cabinet is important. The right hardware can make your kitchen cabinets stand out and excel at efficiency, beauty and ease of operation. Make sure that you check drawer guides, cabinet knobs and pulls, hinges and any other moving parts. If the cabinet hardware is visible, it can set the style for an entire room.  

With all the choices available today, you may get confused about which kitchen cabinets to choose. So keep these tips in mind and you will definitely have a great buy. 

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