Time to place your order, here are some hot new car releases in 2013.

Thinking of getting a new car this year? Want to know what’s new? What you wish you could have and what you should probably put your coin down on. Here are a few selections that will keep you looking #hipster.

Cute compact

The Clio 4 ETA 2nd Quarter 2013

The Clio 4 is “Simple, sensuous and warm” says Antony Villain - Design Director, studio 1. Well sort of. It’s not that simple with is stylishly flared body panels and on-trend fancy LED headlights, but attractive it is! The innovations for the Clio 4 can be found on its infotainment system, which promises to break new ground with its multimedia system that works like an iPad. You are even able to download apps for the cars hard drive. The Clio also scored a 5 star EuroNcap rating making it uber safe. All new fuel efficient turbo engines called TURBO Control Efficiency engines are on offer.  Introducing a compact 900cc, which has the same power output as a 1.4. A new 1.2 and 1.6 for the RenaultSport model.


Designer hatch

Mercedes A class ETA May 2013

The New A class is no longer designed solely to appeal to the “mommy market” (with the previous version looking like a mini MPV). The latest version instead looks like a premium sports hatch. Forget papas got a new bag, this mamas got a whole new look! It’s a Mercedes so expect all the best safety and technological equipment. It has got new engines and a plethora of trim and spec options. The variety of choice in the engine and available specs options, have the potential to compete with Victoria Beckham’s list of must haves after she has been to London Fashion Week. Long! It will be sold at a price premium as it is a Mercedes after all but for the most part you will be happy with this sticking German.


The original icon

The Golf 7 ETA in a few weeks

VW invented the hot hatch. And as the inventor, one would presume to assume that the rest of the car manufactures would follow, which they have. So does the Golf 7 lead in this highly competitive market?  The 7th generation Golf is undoubtedly the best Golf yet. I know when you look at it it’s hard to believe me but it is! Safe, comfortable, quiet, fun to drive and being 100 kg’s lighter than the Golf 6, it comes close to being perfect, close to! VW have spent a lot of time and resources making a fantastic car, but not much time evolving the cars design. Its brilliant but dare I say it… bland.

The #hipster SAC 

Mini Paceman ETA First quarter of 2013

Mini is not so MINI anymore. This new model marks the 7th model variant in the brands range. Based on the MINI Countryman, the Paceman is the two-door version of the car. It’s a first in this segment, a “SAC” – Sport Activity Coupe. It promises the same point-to-point darting ability, as with all the MINI product. With go-cart like handling that makes you feel rather naughty. Think of the Paceman as a MINI Range Rover Evoque. For the trend leaders the #uberhipster. The MINI Paceman will seat four passengers, carry your groceries and can even be spec’d in ALL4 which is MINI’s four wheel drive system, so you could do some minor off-roading too. But make sure the rocks or obstacles are no bigger than your 5 inch Jimmy Choo’s.

Wish list droolers

Jaguar F Type ETA Mid year

The New Jaguar F type brings the brand back to where they should be. It’s been 50 years since Jaguar has launched a new sports car. The 1960’s saw the E type, a design icon. Five decades on we see the F type, this is what Jaguar is all about, cars that give you goose bumps! Jaguar is all about great proportions and fantastic silhouettes. It’s simply spectacular. Porsche Boxter, BMW Z4 and Mercedes Benz SLK are warned.


Alfa Romeo 4 C ETA we hope by the end of 2013

It’s all rather hush- the launch and limited quantity of the Alfa Romeo 4 C’s, coming to South Africa. What started as a concept has actually made it to production and thank God for that because it’s special! It’s a two-seater coupé, made from a carbon fibre structure, making it half the weight it should be, an astonishing 850 kg. It has a 1.8 Turbo petrol engine and double clutch automatic gear box, ie. it’s quick reaching a top speed of 250 km/h. Order one, trust me on this. #limitededition master piece.





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Comment by Nomsa Kagiso on January 15, 2013 at 13:54

Thank you for sharing with us Daniel:)

Comment by melpo theodorou on January 15, 2013 at 14:16

yes please..."Paceman"

Comment by Daniel Calbacho on January 16, 2013 at 9:35

@Nomsa : Its my pleasure ;-) @Melpo : It would suit you!

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