Three Window Styles that are Suitable for All Buildings

Windows are an essential part of any room allowing natural light and air to enter the room and allowing residents to see outside their home. The style of the windows also influences the style of a home, modern or traditional. Meranti window manufacturers offer a wide range of window style options, each with different looks to complement the modern or traditional style of the building.

Further, the window styles also dictate its functionality. For instance, some are easy to open, and some offer a wider view. Based on such considerations, there are three window styles that are suitable for all kinds and designs of buildings:

1. Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the oldest styles of windows. These windows are joined to a frame with side hinges. These hinges allow the windowpanes to open outwards, to any side – left or right. Casement windows are used either alone, or in pairs (two panes within a single frame). When used in pairs, both the panes are hinged on the outer side of the frame. These windows also feature a casement stay to hold the windows open.

Featuring a side-hung configuration, casement windows help in creating a sense of more space and serve as an ideal choice for open-plan layouts. These windows offer top to bottom ventilation, allowing ample light and air into a room. They also seal the house effectively when closed and locked. One of their most popular applications is in the kitchen, where ample light is required.

2. Top Hung Windows

As per Meranti window manufacturers, top hung windows are one of the most popular and commonly used window styles. These are constructed in a similar fashion to casement windows with an outer frame and a pane that is hinged at the top of the window frame. The bottom of the windowpane swings outwards secured by the hinge at the top. This is then kept in place using friction stays.

Providing an elegant look, these are suitable for both commercial buildings and residences. Top-hung windows are the ideal window style for tall buildings and windows located at heights. One of the best things about top-hung windows is that they prevent rainwater from entering the room.

3. Small Pane Windows

Also known as cottage pane windows, small pane windows lend a traditional cottage-like look to any house. These windows feature several small panes which make it easier to replace glass panes in the event of an accident and minimises the risk of breakage. They are also supplied with friction hinges and handles, operating like casement windows. They are popular due to the classic and warm look and feel. The versatile windows styles are suitable for large cottages and small homes alike.

These are the three most popular window styles that are suitable for any building style. Though they are commonly manufactured in wood, they can be manufactured using any building material.

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