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Like a gorgeous pair of sunglasses that act like a veil, a mask that allows your alter ego to emerge more confident, protected and better for it! Interestingly, the new Range Rover Velar is a car designed to sit between the larger Sport and smaller Evoque models. Its name is derived from the Latin vēlāris, from velum, meaning veil.

Range Rover’s fourth member is a mid-size luxury SUV that is designed to draw a new type of customer to the brand. It is also designed to be the most dynamic vehicle in the Range Rover range.  

Visually imposing; the Velar is beautiful - arguably the most attractive SUV on the road today. Every inch of the car’s chiselled body is athletic, muscular and assured. Especially with large rims. There is a range of sexy 22-inch designs to select from. Its wide stance, tall frame and unique features set it apart from the competition.

Its creator, Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, Land Rover, said: “Velar is now the compelling, stand-out design in the class, showcasing perfectly optimised volume, powerful, taut surfaces and a stunning silhouette.”

Class-leading in many aspects but most principally with regards to its high-tech interior. Open the Velar to reveal a minimal aesthetic space, yet it is ensconced in luxury. Leather and other fine materials abound. It is a cosy cradle of luxury, keeping you safe from the world around you. You’re in a calm sanctuary. Highlights are the digital binnacle display and two ten-inch infotainment screens. Both touch sensitive screens run all the vast array of the Velar’s functions - so many, you’ll need to spend a while, sitting quietly in the garage fiddling and playing to lean each of their features. Range Rover have cleaned up the cabin - replacing traditional buttons and switches. Their presence dramatically modernises the feel of the interior and links the exterior design harmoniously with the exterior.

Not forgoing practicality, the Velar seats five adults but is best suited to four, for long distances. Its massive boot offers a class-leading 673-litres. It’s huge. And if you need more space, lower the rear seats and you have a luxury panel van.

Interestingly, and unique in the segment, the Velar offers a sustainable, premium textile seat material as an alternative to leather. The Dapple-Grey material was developed together with Kvadrat, Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-quality design textiles, and is complemented with Suedecloth inserts in Ebony or Light Oyster.

The Velar features specially designed suspension to provide the perfect balance for agile handling, superior ride comfort and outstanding refinement. Not as sporty as Porsche’s Macan or the Alfa Romeo Stelvio but far more comfortable and luxurious. This is largely to do with the sophisticated all-wheel-drive system, four-corner air suspension and class-leading ground clearance. It is a Range Rover after all so, it needs to be able to go anywhere and do almost anything whilst wafting. Despite its attributes, I feel it is far too pretty to risk damaging it with the rigours of rough terrain.

The Velar range is driven by a large selection of high-tech engines. To begin, there are the clean, refined four-cylinder Ingenium diesels. Both 2.0-liter turbocharged, they offered in 132kW/430Nm and 177kW/500Nm respectably. These engines are joined by the two new petrol engines - again 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder motors. These Ingenium petrol engines deliver 184kW/365Nm, for 0-100km/h acceleration in 6.7 seconds, and a more powerful variant with outputs of 221kW/400Nm, to achieve the 0-100km/h sprint in just 6.0 seconds.

The V6 3.0-liter turbodiesel combines an extraordinary 700Nm of torque for effortless acceleration, making it the best choice for those who intend on going off-road. For those who enjoy performance, the 280kW supercharged 3.0-Liter V6 petrol engine combines exciting performance that enables the Velar to reach 100km/h in only 5.7 seconds, before reaching an electronically-limited top speed of 250km/h.

All six petrol and diesel engines are driven by the silky smooth-shifting ZF eight-speed automatic transmissions and all-wheel drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics. Both are flawless.

The Velar and Velar R-Dynamic range comprise Standard, S, SE and HSE specifications. Customers can also specify Black and Premium exterior packs for an even more distinguished appearance. Customers can build their own Velar using the Land Rover Configurator.

Plus +

  • Beautiful
  • Sublime ride
  • Highly capable
  • Futuristic interior


Minus –

  • Expensive
  • Too closely priced to the larger Range Rover Sport


The Competition

Porsche Macan/Cayenne, BMW X4/X5 and X6, Mercedes-Benz GLE/GLE Coupe and GLC/GLC Coupe, Jaguar F-Pace, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Lexus RX



Velar D180 -  R950 208

Velar P250 -  R953 742

Velar D240 -  R1 014 276

Velar P300 -  R1 006 612

Velar D300 -  R1 094 358

Velar P380 -  R1 110 116


Velar D180 S – R1 031 108

Velar P250 S – R1 034 642

Velar D240 S – R1 095 176

Velar P300 S – R1 087 412

Velar D300 S – R1 175 158

Velar P380 S – R1 191 016


Velar D180 SE – R1 080 408

Velar P250 SE – R1 083 942

Velar D240 SE – R1 144 476

Velar P300 SE – R1 136 712

Velar D300 SE – R1 224 458

Velar P380 SE – R1 240 316


Velar D180 HSE – R1 174 908

Velar P250 HSE – R1 178 442

Velar D240 HSE – R1 238 976

Velar P300 HSE – R1 231 212

Velar D300 HSE – R1 319 058

Velar P380 HSE – R1 334 816


Service and Warranty

Land Rover Five-Year Care Plan: a five-year/100 000km service plan, a five-year/100 000km maintenance plan and a five-year/100 000km warranty, as standard.

My Choice

Velar D300 SE – R1 224 458



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