The Secret to Karoo Lamb’s Unique Flavour

The Karoo is a semi-desert area in South Africa that encompasses almost 40% of the country, which is comparable to the size of Germany. Did you know that the Karoo is home to the most distinctively flavoured lamb and mutton? So much so, that Karoo Lamb suppliers in Cape Town go so far as to place a label on the packaging that provides traceability and assures customers on the origin of the meat. Karoo lamb is essentially protected in the same manner as Champagne and Parma ham. Some researchers believe that, as the flavour is so renowned, Karoo lamb could be registered internationally as being a uniquely South African brand.

Now, what gives Karoo lamb its unique and distinct flavour? Well, one could say that sheep essentially flavour their own meat while grazing. Strange, right? Since the Karoo has a relatively harsher climate than most, in terms of the cold winters and scorching summers with next to no rainfall, grass isn’t able to grow as much as the other indigenous shrubs. Therefore, the sheep mainly feed on the indigenous flora, which is both highly nutritious and palatable to the sheep. As these shrubs have a significantly herby aroma, including rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender and eucalyptus, a very distinctive taste is given to the sheep’s meat when grazing the shrubs.

In fact, this meat is so in-demand that, before the passing of the Karoo Lamb Certificate of Origin, traders were placing “Karoo Lamb” stickers and labels onto their packaging, even though the meat may not be authentic Karoo lamb. Today, Karoo lamb suppliers in Cape Town will use the recognisable sign of certification, which is a windmill, to assure customers that their meat is sourced from the Karoo. This label also specifies that the sheep was grazing in an area with at least two out of the six indigenous shrubs, namely Ankerkaroo, Kapokbo, Rivierganna, Silverkaroo, Boegoekaroo and Skaapbossie.

If you wish to purchase Karoo lamb from suppliers in Cape Town, ensure the correct label is on the packaging. That way, you can be sure that the meat you are purchasing is not only authentic Karoo lamb, but was also produced according to strict standards. There are several considerations to take into place when searching for a meat supplier, especially if you are looking to purchase Karoo lamb.

While the colour, firmness and cost of the meat play a vital role when selecting suppliers, your purchasing decision should be based on more than just these factors. For starters, the quality of the meat. It should come as no surprise that the quality of the meat should be your top priority. When selecting suppliers, ensure they offer their products with 100% quality assurance. That way, you know they are highly confident in their products, meaning you can be too. Finally, if you are looking for Karoo lamb suppliers specifically, ensure they comply with the necessary guidelines and regulations, such as the Karoo Lamb Certificate of Origin. Additionally, ensure the meat suppliers themselves are fully and properly licensed by researching the supplier’s licensing number.

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