The Michelberger Hotel together with The Preussiche Spirituosen Manufaktur in Berlin, have partnered up to create a new brand - the Michelberger Booze Company.
They articulate that "For our first product, we have created a pair of herbal schnaps drinks based on two old forgotten recipes. Michelberger 35% is a golden liquid, a herbal liquor, smooth, earthy and warming and Michelberger 45% is a herbal distillate, clear, airy and invigorating. 

The drinks are a complimentary pair, so the designs are more or less a symmetrical reflection of one another. The brand lives in the world of old German fairy tales and so one bottle is set in a forest and the other in the mountain so as to reflect the qualities of the respective drinks.

 A drink is like a mask, it lets you feel something else or even become someone else, and so the visual concept is based around two masks - a wolf in the forest and a bird in the mountains." The Michelberger Hotel is a hotel in Berlin which has a design studio inside as part of its business. The studio does all the design work for the hotel and for its many other projects.


ESL Notes: These bottles are beautifully illustrated and colourful. I love the unusual design" of a pair". Would like to collect these bottles in my house as art displays.

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