This poem was written by Luckiness who works in the tashas kitchens as a salad lady. She wrote this poem for Natasha who has it laminated in her kitchen at the tashas Village View store. Luckiness has been with the tashas group for 10 years... 


IT’S MY tashas

"It’s my tashas

I have watched it growing from dust to the finest

I have watched contractors in helmets and overalls busy building it

It’s my tashas, I saw it grow

I saw interviews taking place at another place

I saw successful staff doing their orientation work waiting to be completed.

I saw customers coming to tashas not knowing anything

I saw waiters saying Welcome to tashas

I saw customer’s  moving into groups to avoid losing one another as the place was changing by the minute to tashas

I saw Maggie, Zoe, Nkosi, doing their training department by department

Learning the difficult menu’s, cocktails & drinks

I saw bar ladies working day after day

It’s my  tashas

I saw waitrons, staff, bar ladies, getting ready to open it

I saw the executive manager, waitrons, kitchen, manager, bar ladies, official opening it

I saw tashas opening it in front of all the VIP customers, dedicated staff, local & international media.

I saw it grow

I’ts my tasha

I saw businessmen & women up and down from 60’s to the smoking area, lovers corner & computer stations commenting for good service.

I saw musicians, actresses, politicians having coffee, cakes, easy meals

I saw Americans turning it into a palace

I saw waitrons saying Welcome to tashas

I saw it changing from tashas to tashas Bedfordview

I saw it growing

It’s my tashas"

Luckiness- tashas salad lady

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Comment by Shaamila Cassim on June 14, 2011 at 0:28
And Im sure she is your LUCKY STAR!!

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