We have all become somewhat more aware of our surroundings in the past decade. Technology has allowed us the opportunity to capture and share our environment, friends and thoughts with the quick push of the camera capture button. In the harshness we call urbanization; we share our surroundings with millions of people who are both unique and the same as us.

As we pause and look around, we wonder if someone else might be going through the same experiences and journey’s we are going through; if someone feels the same joy or pain.

We imagine a world beyond language when we take a picture of an acquaintance that we do not know. We seem to think that with a snapshot, we can gather some imagery that allows us to understand not only the subject better but ourselves as well.

Nacho Ormaechea is a Spanish Freelance Art Director, Graphic Designer and artist based in Paris. The year of 2001 was when he started to explore the story of his subjects and himself through a digital composite of photography and graphic montage.

Every piece is a new concept as the anonymous individual reflects a new message and inspiration to Nacho. It is all a bit of technique and inventiveness. It is all a little of today and a lot of yesterday. He states that "My days, and I guess some of yours too, are full of overflowing information invading my computer: clients mails, briefs, social-networking and too much visual material meant to "nourish our inspiration". Sometimes we feel we just need to STOP, take a deep breath and THINK. Looking for creative freedom without specifications or deadlines or budgets, only a strong desire to create for the need to express".

Each picture comes from a feeling, an idea that aims at provoking a reaction within the spectator's mind. This reaction is likely to be different from my own, nourishing itself from different backgrounds and personal stories. My characters, anonymous people from the street, are mirrors reflecting my state of mind as well as yours.

Is the story that is told by Nacho his, or the unknown individual’s who is captured? We don't quite know but what we do know is that the transformation of the body and the internal graphic narrative creates a provocative connection that familiar to a bit of us all.

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