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With the weather changing so quickly- at least here in Jozi- it’s important to get cracking with a few suncare products so that you avoid harmful UV rays as well as the pigmentation that comes with sun damage. Sun protection products have come a long way; most people (kids top the list!) hate the feeling of sticky sunblocks and the white cast that usually accompanies application.

The products I’ve been testing are in a completely different category and I’ve loved using them. There’s an array of suncare products on the market and it can be quite overwhelming trying to choose, but the key is to go for a range that has good research behind it, as well as excellent ingredients.


Skincare experts Filorga have launched UV Bronze, offering more than just high SPF protection- they include anti-ageing, active ingredients, so adding to your general skincare. The UV-BRONZE-FACE (SPF 50+ is not greasy at all; in fact it gives a mattifying effect and is packed with anti-oxidants, and provides effective protection from all the sun’s rays (UVA and UVB). It went on well under make-up or my usual BB cream. There’s also a UV Bronze Body in the range.

My favourite is the refreshing mist- UV Bronze anti-ageing SOLAR MIST SPF 50+.This is such an awesome product- great for top ups during the day. It is a micronized facial mist that gives high protection and moisturizes and refreshes all in one. I have dry, mature skin, so I love the dewy effect this gives me. If your skin is oily, then I would opt for the Bronze Face.

A quick note: I adore the monoi fragrance in this range- it’s delicate but makes me think of summer holidays.

The UV-Bronze range will be available in selected Edgars, Red Square and Clicks stores from September 2017

UV-Bronze Face:  R 485.00 for 40ml

UV-Bronze Body:  R660.00 for 150ml spray

UV-Bronze Mist: R515.00for 50ml mist or contact (012) 548-0725 for stockists.

Also new is the more affordable but just as effective French skincare brand, SVR, which is free of parabens and other harmful ingredients and has allergen-free fragrance. The new Sun-Care Range also offers UVA/UVB protection, biological protection of skin cells and in-depth DNA repair. It’s water and sweat resistant (good for runners and lovers of outdoor sport).

The SUN SECURE BLUR is a cream for the face (SPF 50+) which as the name suggests blurs imperfections and evens out your skin. I also used this on the back of my hands- great if you don’t want that sticky feeling- this absorbs like a dream.


Again, my favourite in the range is the BRUME (mist) - this is such a great way to ensure that you are protected all day. Mine lives in the car now- a quick spray gives immediate freshness and radiance and is my ultimate cool-down. It’s a dream for kids- cover the eyes, a rapid (!) spray over face and body- they’re done!

This range is super-affordable (from R235) and stocked at Clicks nationwide as well as at select doctors and beauty salons.

For more information, visit or email


Another option is from local skincare range, OPTIPHI, which has a great reputation for research and produces highly effective skincare products. Callia Doucas from Pure Aesthetics recently tested the SOLAR SPRITZ SPF 30 while she was abroad:

“I found the Solar Spritz sunscreen lightweight and easy to spread- not oily at all. There was no white residue on my skin after application. The product is easy to travel with due to the strong aluminium container and convenient size. I love that it’s fully recyclable. The SPF 30 really worked for me, as the European sun doesn’t feel as harsh as we experience it here in South Africa, so I was quite happy to use a SPF 30 instead of an SPF 50 this time. It allowed me to still get a little colour without ever having the sensation of a “burnt” skin. I also appreciated the neutral fragrance”.

Again, using a brand which has strong research behind it gives you the benefits of protection as well as anti-ageing, as this product boosts skin texture and hydration, resulting in a firmer appearance of the skin. (150 ml-R395)

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