Future Fashion - Graduates Of The Spero Villioti Academy

I had the privilege of attending the 'Future Fashion-Leaders Rock The Runway 2011' Fashion show at Vodaworld presented by the Spero Villioti Elite Design Academy. The 3rd year graduates showcased their creations which were beautifully designed and executed. I believe we will be hearing more from this talented bunch in the future! I have chosen a look from each of the designers.


'Via Gonedottie' By Cherene Fordyce

Polka dots are still hot and trendy, with their happy, childlike playfulness and their classic style. Cherene wanted to portray this in her collection due to the fact that the changing size and pattern can give a whole new look, "polka dots are always the right choice".


'L'Afrique Exotique' by Gugu Khumalo

Gugu's drive was to create a collection of classic silhouettes that appealed to everyday, ultra stylish women whilst also keeping it at the cutting edge of fashion trends by taking 'tribal' to a whole new level. The aim was to "create something fun, sexy and young". Gugu feels that a real influence is that of promising beauty and transition from one form to the next.



'Funky French' by Sharri-Lee Jadoo

Sharri's collection was purely based on a destination where fashion is most at home...Paris. For the 'Funky French' collection she researched fashion trends and matched those trends into corresponding aspects with relation to the city of Paris. The Eiffel Tower was her inspiration for the construction of these high waisted garments, big wide dresses and subtle embellishments that drew attention to the 'vocal' points.


'Shades of Grey' by Bernice Brink

The aim of Bernice’s project was to captivate her audience through the understanding and appreciation of natural beauty. She specifically drew inspiration from the Bur Oak tree because of their size, strength, symbolic representation of life and how precious it truly is. She portrayed captivating delicateness through her collection which drew upon the aspect of true beauty.



'The Empire' by Nolungelo Maseko

Throughout the concept of his collection, Nolungelo decided to create timeless pieces, garments that could be worn time and time again without losing its style. He felt that each piece was meant to be viewed as an investment. His inspiration was drawn from Ancient Greece and the way that the fabric of the garments draped on their bodies, and the leather that men wore to battle which was his particular focus.



'Nautical Glamour' by Marieta Van Wyk


“Living in a world where everything we do is a race, we tend to miss the finer details in life”. Marieta wanted to integrate new and interesting designs with ribbons. She felt that the use of ribbons would enable her to create the kind of detail that she believed would be difficult to overlook.



'Beyond Bling' by Vera Oliveira

Beyond Bling is about the use of lights which has been incorporated into a one of a kind craft, bringing a futuristic atmosphere into design was her aspiration. Her biggest hope for the collection was to bring across the uniqueness through each of the designs therefore creating a realization that change is needed in order to be different. Her inspiration was drawn mostly from the modern era in which society finds itself at present, she also used reference to technology and lighting of the modern age. Through this, Vera wanted to create a design that would reflect the future of ‘bling’ and in so doing she states that “this is her offering of change to the fashion industry”.



'Didiyetsa' by Tebogo Seiso

Didiyetsa was inspired by the ululating that takes place at African celebrations such as weddings or reunions. The ululating is a sound where by women’s voices rise higher and higher as the men and young girls perform traditional dances, its essence of the ululating is for uniting people of different African descent. His collection was inspired by the Zulu tribe where by the men wear fur around the arms and feet when celebrating or dancing as respect. His other inspiration was due to the brown fluffy seeded pampas plant. Through the incorporation of these two elements, he designed a collection with a tribal, natural feel that also resembled art with the round shapes and lines



'Chinese Lanterns' By Nataly Da Costa

Silhouettes and colors of lanterns used during the Red Lantern Festival became Nataly’s inspiration. Her desire for this concept was to create a beautifully made collection of garments that not only intrigued people, but got them asking about the designer behind it. These Red Lanterns are a part of Chinese New Year celebrations and are used to ward off evil spirits as well as guide people into the New Year on a good path. She states “I believe that my collection is a new beginning in my life and I want it to be a success”.



'Welcome To The Jungle' by Jeanine Brink

The purity and intricacy of which nature encompasses was Jeanine’s inspiration. Every one of her garments was inspired by a specific animal (the mighty Jaguar, poisonous Frog, feisty Piranha, the giant Anaconda and the colorful Macaw.)



'The Art Of Fashion' by Mandla Nobunga

Roman Gladiator’s costumes, Eastern and Western cultures were Mandla’s inspiration and desire. He portrayed the symbol of status through the use of bright, vibrant fabrics, braiding and delicate beadwork. He captured this concept through the use of artwork that they used to handcraft compelling structures. He feels that his idea is new, fresh and appealing to his market.

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Comment by Shaamila Cassim on December 9, 2011 at 10:42

Such talented young designers!

Comment by Beth Seagal on December 9, 2011 at 15:04

So much talent. Wow. 

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