Skin Tone Light Serum by QMS Medicosmetics

For many sun kissed South Africans, pigmentation is a problematic skin condition that is very difficult to correct.  Leading anti-aging skincare range - QMS Medicosmetics, has launched a new product that specifically targets this problem - the SkinTone Light Serum.


A remarkably effective complexion corrector, the product is based on cutting edge research and will reduce dark spots while restoring radiance to the skin.  Through a carefully researched active ingredient complex, the serum provides targeted action against excess pigmentation and prevents its further development.


Dark spots - which are so ageing to the skin - are lightened and a smooth, even skin tone returns. In addition, the unique combination of multi-functional ingredients also improves the skin’s elasticity and reduces fine lines.


Finally, there is a way to treat those annoying dark spots and to achieve a radiant, more youthful looking skin in the process!


For more information visit or call 0860 018 022.


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