Skin Perfusion via NCTF- New Cellular Treatment Factor from Filorga

The exciting thing about skincare is that it's like a gift that keeps on giving- there always seems to be a breakthrough, especially with pioneers like Filorga. Newly launched, the NCTF Reverse range (New Cellular Treatment Factor) contains the same formulation found in their injectable treatments for mesotherapy use- so the products are infused with a cocktail of around 50 active ingredients- vitamins A, B. c and E, amino acids, minerals, co-enzymes and -antioxidants-all able to penetrate the skin without using needles. Now, mesotherapy (injecting ingredients into the skin) is brilliant and shouldn't be discounted, as it enables those active ingredients to do their job, which is to stimulate collagen, improve pigmentation and plump up the skin.

The NCTF range keeps up the good work- 4 products with all the active goodies that together boost the skin with radiance and improve the quality and texture of the skin.

The first product that goes on the skin after cleansing is the Essence- I love this- it's lighter than a serum and absorbs instantly- only a few drops are needed and this also boosts the efficacy of the serum which follows. (Essence- R700, Serum R1230)

The NCTF-Reverse is a gorgeous moisturiser ideal for dry skin- (R 1230) -there is a Reverse-Mat suitable for oily and combination skins which reduces sebum but hydrates beautifully. 

These products are pricier than the other ranges from Filorga, but they pack a hefty punch of those active ingredients which are music to my ears: retinol, hyaluronic acid, natural vitamin C for radiance, amino acids for firmness and vitamins A and E to stimulate cell renewal and fight against free radicals. So- value for money in terms of the quality and the amount of powerful elements in this range.

As always, these products are infused with the Filorga fresh, familiar signature fragrance, which makes them a pleasure to use.

Find these products at selected Edgars, Red Square and Clicks stores.

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